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Decommissioning tank! Great items at low prices!


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Decommissioning my 5ft tank! Quality items in great condition.

- Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer Curve 7 ( 3  mnths old ) | Skims like a champ | $200 

4Ft Maxspect r420r 300w | Cond 8/10 due to stubborn stand rail. The stand can still be adjusted with a bit of pushing | $300

- Live and dead rocks; mix of large, medium and small pieces. Able to fill up at 5ft tank with plenty of excesses. At least 6 salt bucket worth of rocks. | $100

Live Sand; Mix of Caribsea Bahamas oolite & Special grade reef sand. Approximately 45kg of it but have not measured. Fills a 5ft to an even 1inch depth | $100

Live sand + Live/dead rocks  | $160

Refractometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $20 

- Instant Ocean Hydrometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $10 


* Free Bucket worth of coral chips with any purchase above $100 

* Delivery to your location at my convenience for purchases above $160 *


Pm me or please whatsapp me at 9653 8710 if you are interested. Thanks! 

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