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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, Anyone has an old or recon maxspect razor power supply ( the old model type) The current one finally up lorry last night. anyone has ? can let go to me? PM me . Thank u
  2. Hi all, Clearning up my storeroom. All items priced to sell. 1. Maxspect 120deg Lens Kit Reflector for R420R @ $15/unit (take all 4 units @ $50) 2. TDS Hand-held Meter @ $15 3. Water Pumps a. Aquaspeed A600 (600L/H; 6W) @ $10 b. Evo Pump (480L/H; 6W) @ $8 c. LifeTech AP1000 (360 L/H; 8.5W) @ $5 Take all 3 for $20 4. SOBO Wavemaker WP-50M (1k - 3k L/H; 3W) @ $15 5. Two Outlet Diffuser @ $6/unit (take 2 units @ $10) 6. EHEIM Auto Feeder @ $25/unit (Take 2 units @ $40) 7. Warmtone Auto Feeder @ $5/unit (Take 2 units @ $8) 8. Seachem Alkaline Buffer (300g, used < 5 teaspoons - practically full, freshwater only) @ $8 9. Seachem Acid Buffer (300g, used < 5 teaspoons - practically full, freshwater only) @ $8 10. Mag-Float Magnet (modified with stainless steel scrapper, and comes with 3 new blades, good for 10 - 12mm glass thickness) @ $15 Collection @ Changi, can arrange also weekdays @ Suntec City. Interested, please WhatsApp 91682887.
  3. Decommissioning my 5ft tank! Quality items in great condition. - Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer Curve 7 ( 3 mnths old ) | Skims like a champ | $200 - 4Ft Maxspect r420r 300w | Cond 8/10 due to stubborn stand rail. The stand can still be adjusted with a bit of pushing | $300 - Live and dead rocks; mix of large, medium and small pieces. Able to fill up at 5ft tank with plenty of excesses. At least 6 salt bucket worth of rocks. | $100 - Live Sand; Mix of Caribsea Bahamas oolite & Special grade reef sand. Approximately 45kg of it but have not measured. Fills a 5ft to an even 1inch depth | $100 - Live sand + Live/dead rocks | $160 - Refractometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $20 - Instant Ocean Hydrometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $10 * Free Bucket worth of coral chips with any purchase above $100 * * Delivery to your location at my convenience for purchases above $160 * Pm me or please whatsapp me at 9653 8710 if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. Anyone has the above to let go at a reasonable price, kindly PM. TIA
  5. Hi, I would like to buy 2nd hand Maxspect Razor 160w/180w Led lighting about SGD 150 - 200. Please contact me with WhatsApp 9seven3nine7six1one. Tq. if deal on the day, collection in the evening time 8pm - 9pm
  6. Decommissioning my 3feet tank. Well taken care of Equipment and cheap Live Stocks to go at solid rock bottom price for the condition of items. All items condition at 8/10 - Cleaned weekly | Used for less than a year | -2 due to normal usage | Do feel free to drop me a text if you have any inquiries or would like to see photos!! - 9653 8710 Equipment 1) Kessil A80 Tuna with gooseneck - $115 2) OCTO ( Reef Octopus ) HOB Bh-90 - $130 3) Fluval FX4 Canister filter - $200 | Free Delivery | 4) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $140 5) 3ft Tank ( Eurobracing ) - $40 | To go last | Live Stock 1) Foxface 4" ( $6 ) 2) Powder blue tang 6-7" ( $30 ) Free delivery if the purchase is $200 or above. Pickup Location at Bishan Mrt
  7. Hi, just purchased the IM fusion nano 20 & looking for lighting equipment for my tank. Interested in getting the Maxspect Razaor, 120W. Or maybe any lights avail for sale? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, just purchased the IM fusion nano 20 & looking for lighting equipment for my tank. Interested in getting the Maxspect Razaor, 120W. Or maybe any lights avail for sale? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, Any reefers who upgraded their Maxspect Razor R420R LEDs to 15k .... if you have your 10k LED pads in good working condition, please let me know. Also looking for the hanging kit if not being used. WhatsApp 91682887 for quick deal. Thanks!
  10. Hi Folks, Selling away the equipment as I've decomm my tank. Have attached the pictures. PM me if interested. 1) Reef Octopus skimmer used for many years - FOC if you purchase any other items below 2) Maxspect LED lights R420R used for 3yrs - $250 (inclusive of the add on lens to expand the light coverage) 3) Vortech MP40W used for many years - $50 4) Led Lights - $10 5) Magnesium Mix - $20 6) Calcium Mix (opened) - $10 Will give a bundle price of $300 if you take all 6 items together
  11. Hi, I would like to sell the following items. The collection area is around Hougang MRT or Mall vicinity. Please pm me if you are keen. Thanks. Maxspect R420R 16,000K 160W LED lights - $350 Maxspect R420R 16,000K 120W LED lights - $300 3. AOL AL-60 mini chiller - $190
  12. Hi all, I'm selling my used maxspect gyre xf130 @ $90. Used for around 2yrs. Condition 6/10 but still in working condition. Still in original box. Description of the conditions: Some of the flaps in the ruggedized propeller has broken or missing in some of the sets. There's 4 sets in total. Rubber in the bushing has worn out and torn and I replaced it with diy silicon tubings. Some dead Coralife algae stains on flow cage. Collection location: Near admiralty place/mrt. Pls pm me if u r keen, thks!!
  13. Selling a used Maxspect XF130 @ S$180. Bought on 4th Dec 2015 with receipt as proof. Come with original packaging as shown in picture above and all other spare items which are still unused. Refer to this link for more info: http://deaquatic.com/product/maxspect-gyre-xf130/ Deal location at Lakeside. Please PM me with your contact number if you are interested. Thank you.
  14. selling my existing set from DE for 4 ft tank. Normal stand mount. everything works and in good condition. View n test first before buying. Interested pls pm. Thx $550
  15. Hi, I would like to sell the above which I have been using for my 3 feet aquarium for 15 months now. It's still in good condition and I still have the box with the hanging kit. I'm selling it for $400 and the collection area is around Hougang MRT or Mall vicinity. Please pm me if you are keen. Thanks.
  16. Looking for, either one of these. Anyone interested to sell, please PM me with your offer . I'm looking at the price range of $400~450.
  17. Hi.. I'm letting go of my tank ,sump & maxspect razor 60w in mint condition.. Tank and sump with 8 years warranty for $80 both sump and tank. Sump.. Maxspect razor 60w for $220 collection at haig road..
  18. Hi All, Posting on behalf of my friend. He is planning to upgrade tank lighting, hence want to sell his Razor 120W 16k Unit is 1 year old, complete with stand and hanging kit Letting go at a very attractive price of $250 Whatsapp if interested 98360034.
  19. 1. PAR38 $50 (1 month old.) FOC Holder. Color: Blue x 1, Violet x 2, Royal blue x 7, Red x 1, Turquoise x 1 2. LED MAXSPECT G1 $50 (1 LED not fail to light up. & Maybe you need to replace the Fan.) 3. LED $40 (Usage less then 1 month) 4. LED $20 (Usage less than 1 month) *** Take Both 3 & 4 for $50 5. PH Pen $30. (As good as NEW) 6. Trans Instruments Senz PH DUO Pen $80. (Retail $120) PH & Temperature Tester. As good as NEW 7. JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker. NEW! $40 All collection @ Bt Batok. WYSIWYG
  20. I've 2 sets of Maxspect LED for sale. Have used them for around 2 yrs. They are working well and selling as upgrading to Razor. Bidding details and photos below. In your bid pls state name, price per set and qty (e.g. apple123, $150, 1qty) Starting bid: $150 per set Min Increment: $5 Ending Date/Time for bid: 10-Nov 23:59 (forum time)
  21. Hi all, I have the following for sale, 1) Tunze Wavebox - $350 2) Maxspect G2 230w with Lens Kit - $700 3) SKIMZ SM 251 - $400 4) RM FR - $50 Interested reefer please pm me, FCFS basis. Thanks for kind understanding. Collection @ Teck Whye Lane.
  22. Hi had a few item for sale 1) Skimz SK201 (8month old) $230 2) Maxspect 110w witout hanging kit (good condition ,age unknow) $230 3) Rio hf 10 (brand new) $38 4) Maxitronic 3 way digital timer (brand New) $30 Collection at TAMPINES, FCFS Thanks
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