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DIY Aryclic Rack for Radion Mount

Teck pang

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I will like to get some ideas from fellow experienced reefers about ways to mount the Radion light that i purchased recently for my fish tank.

My fish tank is 4 feet with reinforced glass as seen in the picture below, so the length is not quite enough for the mount to be mounted securely on the glass and i do not want to drill my ceiling to hang the light. 



Therefore, i have made a small DIY aryclic rack to support the weight of the light so for past two weeks it is working fine so far. 


However, it sure is very ugly and it is a eyesore to look at. I am thinking of waiting after the CB period to have a small aryclic rack custom made as the one i do it myself is quite sloppy with limited tools on hand. This is the best solution i could think of now but if there are better ideas from fellow reefers to boost the aesthetic as well as able to hold the light securely it will be wonderful! 



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Bro, it look danger! My advise is take out immediately!! If your silicon break, light will go down in the water and cause electrocutions hazard. Recommend you need to secure it with correct method. Ceiling or wall mouth or you can add some aluminium profile to support the light.


Imagine if suddenly the light drop and what is your action if you been there? bring the light out of the water? It might cause an accident if power not trip. Be safe bro.



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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but it looks dangerous bro.

I fully support bro munlok's advice, take it out immediately.  You never know if and when the silicon will give way.  There may not be any pre-warning sign if it is going to break loose and the light drops into the water.  Too risky.

If you wanna DIY while waiting for lfs to open to buy a proper mount, maybe you can get some PVC piping or Aluminum material, to work out something stronger and more secure.

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Thanks for the kind advices guys. I have taken it down alrdy after listening to you guys. I just got the light two weeks ago so kind of excited to try it out. Now thinking back It is quite a dangerous move..@Daniel thank you so much for the offer bro! Can’t wait for the cb to end then can go n look for u

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