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Ice-Cap Fish Trap


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I guess at certain point of our journey, we tend to remove some fishes from our tank due to multiple reasons.

At least for me, I had great difficulties in catching an aggressive clown fish which proved to be a rather expensive experience - it would chase my Storm Clownfish, Flame Hawk etc and simply loved to rest on my Duncans and Brain Corals, thus causing much distress.  Not to mention my Flame Hawk took a dive one night and became the latest casualty.

Tried the old school -fish net but it was too alert and with all the rocks & corals around, gave up.  Tried at different times of day and night - all futile.

Ordered from Shopee a fish trap, typically those with a sliding door, hung onto the side of tank, placed some bait and waited for the fish to go in .... (resembles the following trap but with a sliding door attached to a fishing line)1708544621_Screenshot2021-11-10at9_35_26AM.png.57a7ce9adebabb4ab2bf914e1fc8ecf3.png

Tried and waited but again to no avail, probably the trap was too small in size.

Googled again and came across an Aqua-medic and Ice-Cap, but the former was too expensive and doesn't mail to Singapore. Decided to bite the bullet and purchased Ice-Cap, pricey too but this hobby is never cheap to begin with.  Furthermore, considering the fact we would be spending more on livestock, so went ahead! 1634738279_Screenshot2021-11-10at9_38_31AM.png.21f8f77029c7cf10aea71a5c30983519.png

Set the newly delivered Ice-Cap and VIOLA!!!! caught it under 10 minutes!!!!

I guess the Ice-Cap is more effective due to its size (larger) and easier to operate in that size. However, the cons are pricey, came with instructions on its assembly but still needed some trial and error on the setting up of the trap-door. Nevertheless, good piece of equipment to stand-by and not to mention it could be dismantled and placed into a small box.



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