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Decommission tank sale


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Giving up hobbly. Have to sell everything.

1. 3 foot tank complete with cabinet and sump tank and all the pipes. Glass tank L90 x W50 xH60 cm.  Height with cabinet 141cm. 5 years old. Has some usual usual wear and tear.  Rusty door hinges. Still in fairly good condition overall.  Will throw in freebies like the water circulating pump (paid $80), a new filter sock. 

asking $250. 

2.  Skimmer $100. Good sized. Forgot model number. Works perfectly. 

3.  Jebao auto dosing pump. Master and slave sets sold together with 3 plastic bottle and all tubes. Total 8 outlets. $20. One Button seem to be a little unresponsive at times. Must press several times. 

4.  Sump tank lights. $8

5.  Kessil A360N E series Tuna blue & A360W E series. Each comes with it’s flexible stands. 1 for $200. Take Both for $300. 4.5 years old. Works as good as new.

6.  Jebao cross wavemaker CP-25.  $40. 2 years old. Works great.

7.  HS 66A Hailea Chiller 1/4HP. 4.5 years old. Works fine with no issues. $180. 

8.  Coral fragments chips good for sump tank. $20 for all  

9. Old test kits. Some still have a lot unused. Take all for $30. 


Collect or view at 436606. See my other post for fishes still available  

Buy more for a better bundle price! WhatsApp me for fast response.  9139812five. 














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all sold except following still available. 

1. 3 ft tank with cabinet. Complete set $200

2. Hailea 66a chiller $180. Works as good as new. No issues at all. 

3. Old test kits. $20. See attached expiry dates. 

whatsapp 91398125. Items slightly negotiable. 


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