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Tank Decomm


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Hi all. Will be decommissioning my setup slowly and starting with the livestock and corals


Tank setup: FnM tank built (120x35.5x40cm) on aluminum profile stand and glass sump. Custom plumbing as per photo with manifold setup. One return pipe and one downpipe fed to roller filter. Cabinetry will not be included but can be given free as it worn down.


If keen please PM to reserve the tank, stand and sump with your offer.









Current SALE items:


1. ATI lightset. Dimmable sunpower 4x39W. $350




2. Rainbow Lobo. $80




3. Yellow/gold hammer many heads. $120




4. Yuma on rocks. More than 10 pieces. $100




5. Green Favia coral. $35.




6. Candy Cane coral. $80.




7. Gonio green lumi. $50




8. Pocci (I think) SPS colony. $35




9. Leptoseris grown from small frag plug to large frag plate. $80




Stay tuned for more.. equipments, fishes and more corals..



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More up for sale as I got more time today. :)


$80. It’s on a large frag disc. Encrusting meteor shower.


$40. 25+ cm height gorgonian


$30. Lumi green GSP carpet. Will scrape as much as possible.


Green gonio. Will give FOC with any purchase of the above. Can try to frag


1. Copperband around 3+ inches. Can eat mysis, frozen food and pellet. In tank for 2 years. $30

2. True percula clown medium size. $25

3. Pair of pink skunk clown. $24.

4. 6 line wrasse. $12

5. Black clown medium+ size. $25

6. Blue damsel. $10.

All fishes prefer to be adopted/sold to experience reefer and having tank more than 3 feet as they are used to a larger tank (4feet) with lots of swim space. They may get territorial in smaller tanks and increase your nutrient load (cos they are medium size fishes except for wrasse).


1. Maxspect jump gyre wavemaker gf2k, $140
2. ATI dimmable sunpower 4x39W T5. $300
3. Tank, sump, plumbing and aluminium stand. $350 or best offer. Tank is 3 sided crystal glass.

PM me if have any further enquiries or offers.

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