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Hello fellow reefers,

Sadly my time in this beautiful country is coming to an end which leads to decommissioning of my entire setup.

Items for Sales as follows

- Display tank with stand and sump (5x2x2 ft crystal glass tank custom built by DE Aquatics)

- 2 large reservoirs that can hold approximately 70-90 litres of water. One used for salt mix whilst the other is used as RODI top off reservoir

- Comes with a canopy hood

Selling off for SGD 1000. Will click picture of the current display tank and post later in the day


Next in line fishes (pics will be shared later today) 

Yellow Tang - 2 

Blue Tang - 2

Bristletooth tang - 1

desjardini tang - 1

Purple Tang - 1

Naso or Lipstick Tang - 1

Powder Blue Tang - 1

Cleaner Wrasse - 1

Design clown fish - 1

Six line wrasse - 1

Blue Damsels - few of them not sure of the number

firefly fish - 2 

Moorish Idol - 2. These guys are well adapted, eat like a pig and are fed a mix of NLS pellets, LRD reef frenzy frozen food, frozen & live copepods.

All the fishes were brought a year and half back as small babies from Specialised Aquatics, quarantined strictly for 60 days in my QT setup and then moved in the display tank. they all are disease free and have grown quite well compared to the original size. The fishes are fed 5-6 times a day with foods similar to the Moorish idols. I will list down the price of the fishes later today or tomorrow along with pictures


Most of the corals were picked by a good friend and a fellow reefer. All corals were picked exclusively from I would now say my good friends shop - Coral Fanatics. Pending coral list with price mentioned below.





Aussie Alveopora - $200




Aussie Tequila Sunrise Gonio - $300 each




RRC Rainbow Cyphastrea - $150 each. When purchases these were small frag plugs which have now encrusted the rock and growing quite fast. This will need to go together and along with the rock piece. Rock piece free :)




Aussie XL size ultra Gonio - $500. When purchased it was half of the size and now literally doubled




the bigger torch - Aussie 24k gold torch with green tip. $250. When purchased had a single head and was literally half the size




Show size multicolor Lobo. $450. This too has grown quite a bit



Not sure of the name but will price it at $100





Bali Strawberry Shortcake - $250. Was half the size when purchased



Divaricata - $150





Sunrise of the east Monti $1000. When purchased was just 1/4 on the frag piece and has now literally more than doubled in size and has started encrusting the rock




Red Cynarina - $150




Ultra Acanthophyllia - $450. This has grown quite quite a bit as compared to the original size



Aussie 24k gold torch - $300. There are 2 heads to this torch as compared to 1 when purchased



Holy Grail torch - $300 for 2 heads. When purchased had a single head and was quite small




$300 each. Infact hard to believe one of them has spawned and a small one is growing in the back rock (look out for the tiny round at the centre back of the pic)


All corals are fed 4-5 times a week with a mix of reef roids, live phytoplankton, coral snow, brine shrimps, copepods & fauna marin MINS. The colors are a bit off now due to my hectic travel and very little time to care for my time due to relocation. I would not be selling any equipments as all of them will be reused in my next step in the next location where I am headed for good...



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