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Selling away all my stuffs

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Hi Guys,

Clam- sold

Green bubble- sold

Pearl Cateye Bubble- $38

Elephant ear-$48

Green Prata- $38

Purple Tang- $30

Cleaner Shrimp-$18

Boxer Shrimp- $8

2 feet tank with cabinate all in gd condition- $130

2 feet 55 watts PL Light- $35

Electrical stuffs and the tank will be sold after all livestocks are gone.

But can reserved them first.

Collection place is Sengkang area.

Please contact me @ 90232219. Thanks

Price neg.

First come first serve.


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Hey there 19percula,

Just wonderin if i be second in line on the reservation for the PL lights in the event that Veeresh changes his mind?

What colored bulbs are they anyways? blue and white?

Tank 66"x27"x28" - Return Pump Red Dragon 12m3 - Skimmer Deltec AP701 - Chiller Starmex - Wavemakers Wavysea - Lighting DE 6 x T5-HO

southpaw23's reef

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