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weileong's 4ft tank


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no more for the time being.

Back going to break after moving those weights (my house in non-lift level and 2 floors down) these few days.

Next things to do is to hang up the MH lights (after delivery of blue MH from Glare). The holes and cable are already up.

Need to run a separate point from the main circuit board.

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the most shiong part is over. Now just sit back and relax for the cycling to be over. Will start testing for NO2 probably tomorrow see if the livesand helps to speed up the cycling.

Shiong shiong part ask for help later must pay back one :blink: better suffer myself :P

oh.. where u stay..?

u got a hot maid, 18 n above..? I may help abit..haha..!

hehe.. :evil:

oki joke apart.

livesand..? wat kind u using..? those miracle ones..?

with plenty of (if uncured) LR, I tik the cycling may take awhile of

at least 1wk.

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I stay in the east, Haig Road.

Should have ask you to help carry all the LR, sand and salt hor?

Livesand I bought from Maxima. Lots of snails in it. Those that barrow into the sandbed. I moved them to my 100litres tank for the time being so they won't die during cycling.

No problem with the cycling, time to take a break.

I hate those bristle worms, got stink by the bristle, gotta pull them out one by one under bright light.

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