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  1. Where can I find small tuxedo urchin ? Ah beng lately only have the big ones as of last Sat.
  2. fluctuates between 2-3degress? as in? AL60 seems no problem in cooling my 50+ litre tank. Those fans inside look like PC fans! .. ha, can replace myself. Wonder what technology this chiller is using? not just fan and heat sink/fins ba? wanted to downsize cos easier to maintain perhaps ... try not to get too tire maintaining the tank also lower maintenance cost actually even thought of stopping but seems like downsize should address my concern and get to keep my coral
  3. Thought of getting this nuvo nano 10. Do you guys find the price steep at $175 (tank only, F&M)? My old tank already used for 5 years. How often should we change tank in case the glue give way? Just bought the AOL AL60... seems ok. Noise level is much lower than HC-100a but still the fan sound is not whisper quiet Need it to struggle with my 50L tank for a while till I get the 30L tank
  4. with long algae cleared, time to move out the urchin and let snail do the routine maintenance moved urchin to the sump and fed it with 紫菜 bought from wet market $2 a big pack the urchin accepted .. ha, the tape mark water level
  5. I'm using this. Need low flow to work.
  6. seasoned as in get from supermarket?
  7. besides Madpetz, where else can I get AI prime? better price? pls PM me if got good lobang... thanks
  8. AI prime looks ok ,,, can up another $100 for it .... shortlisted! ... now to look for funding
  9. currently using a budget 6x3W (4 white 3 blue, ard $70) led and 1 blue led (less thann $50) for my slightly larger than 1ft cube nano any recommendation for an upgrade? budget within $200 corals are mushroom, frogspawn, lobo, bubble and richodia. thanks
  10. Can I know where did you get the HS28 and the price of it? have been using the HC100a for few years at first was quite concerned about the electrical cost ... how long it runs and how often it kicks in but over time can't be bothered and electrical bill din really shoot up did not really track the bill different, but if you don't feel pain means is ok
  11. it probably realize the silicon is not for consumption after those little bit
  12. ha, season with sea salt but the urchin maybe more salt-ish
  13. if I want to keep the urchin in the sump... since the algae is now under control, what should I feed it with?
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