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  1. Reducing bioload and letting go fat healthy foxface. Slightly more than 4 inch in size. Been with me for about a year. 15sgd Pm or whatsApp to 83762166 for faster response. Thanks!
  2. Agreed. Aluminum stand for aquariums uses the 4 columns at the corners to support the weight. If you use the rack originally planned, all the weight will be on the hooks that secure the platform, which will definitely fail under that kinda tank size and water volume.
  3. Make sure the test kit works ok and you're reading it correctly. It's 10 times the value if u read from the side of the vial. And test the fresh saltwater you make for nitrate. If you read any value, it's probably the issue with the water source. Maybe your RODI unit fails to filter out nitrate, that happens if the DI resin is depleted.
  4. Bought from Madpetz about a week ago.
  5. There will be heat no matter which chiller it is, and the lower the efficiency the more heat it produces. TEC (peltier) chiller has by far the worst efficiency, you're better off with normal chiller and try to exhaust the hot air out of the room.
  6. Hi guys, Has anyone seen something like this? Is it hammer? or frogspawn? Figured it was unlike anything i've seen and very unique so i grabbed it on first sight
  7. Was wondering the same thing. Perhaps it's a temp controlled room?
  8. Tbh I wouldn't worry too much about ich. The stress you're putting the fishes through by means of copper and meds are more likely to kill them than ich. Just practice ich management and feed them normally to keep them healthy. My ich magnet blue Tang had them when I first introduced it, now I barely see any. I may see some white spots once in a while in some fishes but they always go away without major outbreak. UV helps eliminating free swimming ich if u can control the flow through it by reducing fishes' effort in fighting them
  9. Is that even possible in SG climate? In the afternoon the temp can easily go up to 32 degrees from what I can observe.
  10. Been using coral pro salt. Would like to keep mixed water ready for subsequent water changes, I guess best one to use would be the tropic Marin based on brstv tests, parameter stays consistent during storage.
  11. Not toxic but just to be careful. Had a pistol shrimp in tank, heard a snapping sound, went to check and saw the shrimp picking on my extremely stressed foxface which had been very healthy, an hour later the foxface died. I think the shrimp killed it
  12. May I know when will the reefwave wavemakers be released in sg?
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