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  1. Last post for today, a wet quiet Sunday and a long overdue fts. Haven’t post a fts for 5 months. Thanks for viewing. Good night, reefers!!
  2. Under blues, hopefully color will be better in the months to come.
  3. Bought some new frags, all tenuis if not wrong. All taken under white lights except the below which was under blues cos it was acquired earlier than than the rest to show it’s color change compared to the new frags.
  4. All sold. Thanks for all the interests. Will frag base on demand if any. Thanks.
  5. Selling at $10 each. Pics below, 3 frag available. Collect at woodlands. Pls pm me if keen. Thks
  6. I have a green loripes frag, pm me if u r keen.
  7. Beautiful, may I know what this piece is called?
  8. Or was it Specialised aquatic solutions? Hahaha bad memory.
  9. Thanks bro. I think I bought from seasonal aquarium.
  10. Some of the lesser seen corals in my tank, pink gonio with yellow centre.zoas garden with yuma garden, real fast growerslps corner, acans and scolylumi gsp mat frogspawnhammer and torch corner.
  11. Sold, pending collection.
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