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Found 19 results

  1. Selling the below pictured frags. Collection near Admiralty mrt at my place. Left one $18, right one $30. Frags are with me for sometime and is stable. Interested party pls pm me. Thanks. Take both price at $45.
  2. As cny is approaching, pls be patient as I’m quite busy during this period and I get bk to u ASAP. Selling off the following: crocea clam $100dark green monti $5 or free if u buy more. Squamosa $700lumi gsp $10 but depend on how much I can peel off.green Millie fully encrusted, can snip a frag or two from it. $5 some brown frags to be given away for reefers who bought from me for this Decom if they want. brown out secale left half a colony with some brown tips. $10 Red acan free injured green acan $150. orange and green mix monti each $10 Big rock with multiple orange yuma and blue green yuma (more than 10pcs) $100 branch rock tree with green, yellow hammer and yellow tip green torch $300.toxic green frogspawn $100zoas rock (eagle eye, purple monster, utter chaos, and rainbow infusion). $120 Collection located along woodlands ave 6 at my place. Pls bring own pail.
  3. Hi Reefers, I've decided to chronicle my new tank in a a brand new thread. Going for full sps this time around. Will reveal the list of my equipments in due time, though some of them are actually from my old tank & 2nd stuffs. Will upgrade when the need arise. Will also shift the 5 remaining fishes to my new tank although not advisable but I just can't bear to let them go. Lol Without further ado, here's a drawing of my new tank. Pls comment and give advise but now maybe too late to make changes as tank will be arriving in this sat. Haha...
  4. Trimming to due excessive growth. Pls refer to pics: orange monti 1: $30orange monti 2: $20pink birdnest: $10pink lemonade: $100purple tip bicolor staghorn: $80 Pls WhatsApp @9ll5O86four or pm me.Collect along woodlands ave 6 at my place, nearest mrt is Admiralty mrt.
  5. $28 $38 Collect at kampung admiralty or admiralty mrt only. 9llFive O8six4
  6. Selling the following, Aussie table shape Acropora colony that look like upscales microclados. $120 Any view from top and size on my palm. Frags available at $25 per piece. Picture above is current frag sample. Will only frag upon request. Rainbow infusion zoas $10 Pls pm me if u r keen. Collection near Admiralty mrt, Woodlands.
  7. Hi SPS keepers, Trimming my pink millie and have the following frags for sale. Pls refer to pictures. All frags at $20 per piece. Collect near Admiralty Mrt along Woodlands Ave 6. Thanks.
  8. Broke another big piece while trying to trim out smaller frag due to overgrowth. Lost it’s blue/purple tips though due to transition to led. Letting go cheap at $25. Collect near admiralty mrt, woodlands.
  9. Hi all, Accidentally broke it during repositioning my corals. Selling at $50. Under blue lights
  10. Selling 3 of them as a pack @$30. Pls refer to pic, red stag blue tip tenuis green millie Pls pm me if keen. Location near Kampung Admiralty.
  11. $40 $50 $60 Collection near Admiralty mrt along Woodlands Ave 6.
  12. 1 - GSP $10 2 - SSC $40 3 - Duncans (20+ Heads) $100 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  13. 1 - Bright Green Acro $10 Collection Chai Chee 98212678
  14. Hi all, I just started venturing into keeping acros. I saw some tanks online where acro frags were placed very close together, maybe 3-4cm apart. What is a healthy distance I should keep between each acro frag?
  15. Hi reefers, I have 2 frags of green tenuis & 1 frag of blue/purple tip loripes for sale. $20 for each frag. Viewing & Collection will be at my place @ Woodlands ave 6 near Admiralty MRT. Pls pm me to arrange if keen. Thanks.
  16. Hi all, Accidentally broke it during wc. Yellow-greenish tone body, pinkish coralites and blue tips, white pe. ~2" frag (only one piece) : $15 and ~1" frags (2pieces available) : $5 each Pls pm me if interested & I'll try to get bk to u asap. Collect at my place near admiralty mrt preferably after 7pm during Wkdays. Thank u.
  17. Selling the SPS below. Interested please message 94880692 and collect at Serangoon weekday nights or weekends. Image 1: Multi branches: $20. There are two single branch at the back. $5 each. Image 2: Purple nana. about 10cm in length multi branches. $30 Image 3: Pink birdnest: $10 Image 4: There are two frags left and right. $15 each. Image 5: Left over $5. Image 6: $20 for the orange piece.
  18. Hi All No space liao!!! Clear some space for my Chalice! 1. red Sea-cucumber, not red-sea cucumber... 15 SGD will stay on top of tank to clear waste or food floating on water. 2.5 inch 2. Zoas colony, one of my previous favourite, mixed with some eagle eyes, total more than 150 polyps, around fist size. - 35 SGD 3. Green tips plate with orange mouth, bone size 1.5 inch, open size around 2 inch - 20 SGD 4. Stag-horn frag with more than 3 branches, 2.5 inch long, finger thick. blue colour on top layer - 35 SGD 5. Acropora Frag - blue tips, frag on spot, each frag longer than 2 inch. - 18 - 35 SGD depends how many branches Clear them fast for my itchy hands to get new toy, thanks
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