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  1. Picture taken by my newly bought digital camera. Canon G7X.
  2. Collect at bukit batok. Red dragon colony: $120 Red acropolis from Fiji:$130 Pink pocci from fiji: $130 Torque bird nest (two hand size): $150 Purple Digi: $100 Golden prata: $150
  3. LCK selling queen for my size around $280 6"+ size
  4. Bought new queen angel. Currently in QT. Before putting them in.
  5. Yes it is good. I am using chennai wood
  6. You stock up too fast and never cycle your tank or put bacteria. Did you run skimmer? I ever run my tank cycle for 2 week and start buy fews angel and end up all my angel die or sick even I copper it.
  7. How many poly per frag? Got picture of the frag you selling? And how much per price. It too generally.
  8. Try red sea A and B coral food good also
  9. Pinnacle has try on sat normally their shipment come on sat. After 2pm
  10. For tank setup. I would recommend get quote from iwarna. Find victor. Their price is reasonable and they are specialist in doing marine setup. Or for tank and cabinet only find ah heng he is specialise in doing marine tank. For marine cabinet wood cannot be any lousy wood. It must be use to restand the load and salt water damage to the wood. Marine tank load is much more heavily then fresh water.
  11. A)Skimmer: Deltec, Reef octopus. Pump: Reef octopus water blaster 10k flow rate. ATI power module or ATI sun module. Can get 10 tube if you want. C) Dakin. Get derrick to do for you. D) jebao cheap and good but life span unknown. Budget allow MP 40 X 4.
  12. It too early to plan for equipment. Who know what new technology coming out in 2015.
  13. From my understand quite a few brother using it and the feedback was quite good.
  14. Your tank too small for it. Time to up size your tank to 8ft
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