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  1. Has anyone used the Triton system/method? Sounds like a miracle. Would appreciate some first-hand feedback. Thanks.
  2. Beautiful fish... Saw hundreds of fat specimens in Maldives.
  3. Turtle weed 'frag' collected by aficionado.
  4. Fourth day after botak trimming. Will post progressive growth.
  5. Did some pruning today... One tiny clump with bit of rock attached. Can let anyone who wants have a try. FOC.
  6. 50ml of iodine for sale. Hardly used. $25. Deal near GO.
  7. $15 for biggest one shown in pic, $5 for partially hidden palm-shaped leather. FCFS.
  8. $15. I regularly have to yank chunks off, until nearly botak. Then within 2wks, grow bk to original size again.
  9. It's usually an easy plant, if u have chiller and enough light. My yellow tang leaves it alone. Only turtles and a specie of goby eat it. It spreads fast.
  10. To confess, I don't know my parameters because I never test. I just do 15% WC fortnightly, and dose iodine and A+B Ca and Kh buffer every 2-3 days.
  11. Wow, yes good improvement. Change of salt made quite a difference!
  12. Bro what is the situation now? From the pic, it looks like all of the corals are not doing well. I wld hazard a guess that one or more of the rocks are tainted (I once found rusty screws in live rocks I bought). It may also be a case of a tank that has not fully cycled properly.
  13. Not issue with fish or parameters, otherwise all wld hv died.
  14. Might be useful to post pic of yr tank. Another must for SPS is strong random water movement. Not continuous surge.
  15. Hi reefers. I thought brain corals were easy. But apparently not in my tank. Out of 4-5 I bought over the last year or so, only two are doing well (fat, feeding). The rest went to heaven. I don't understand why 2 managed to thrive, while the others perished. Any thoughts?
  16. Tks for all the tips guys, especially bro Tofu, whom I hope to visit one day to view his new four-footer.
  17. Tks for explanation bro Tofu. Btw, just read your post on setting up of yr new 4' - really, really impressive. Do u think having a CR is my way to a simpler and foolproof time with reefing?
  18. Tks for yr time James. Reason I asked is because I travel quite often. And I need a setup that requires minimum work and is very forgiving. Maybe SPS is not for me.
  19. Tks.. Maybe it is luck. See this:http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2014/9/aquarium
  20. Hi experts, I understand SPS require stable parameters, high calcium,and high kH So most hobbyists use automated dosing and reactors. But I also hear those who succeed with none. They change water once every 6-9 weeks, do random manual dosing, and no testing. How come they can succeed too?
  21. Is it possible to keep SPS w/o automated dosing, without testing, but with 15% fortnightly water change?
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