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  1. Ok here's the pic.. the one on the left, near Monti. Tks bro for yr suggestion. But what is the logic behind placing on sand?
  2. hi, my beautiful red brain fell onto a monti overnight. it suffered tissue melt, but recovered. but a couple of weeks later, it began to lose its colour. now. it is pink and white (from deep red with streaks of green). it is also not as fat as before. has anyone managed to bring a brain in this state back to its former glory? would like to hear your personal tips.
  3. Hi where did u find pinkish one? And is it pulsing?
  4. WTS overgrown bubble and hammer corals $35 each or $65 for both. Excellent condition with tissue growth at feet.
  5. Wah didn't know toadstool got pink variety. Must be super rare and expensive!
  6. Uh how long did it flourish before losing fight?
  7. Is it absolutely necessary to feed brain corals?
  8. It fell onto the Monti and was never the same
  9. hi anyone with nice, brilliant Scoly to sell?
  10. Here's an update. One of my red brains is a little bleached (dunno why), but everything's doing fine otherwise.
  11. Tks bro... Hope my mandarin can find enough food in my 160 litre tank in the meantime...
  12. Does anyone know where to buy live copepods?
  13. Am interested in flame if no one wants
  14. Am interested in flame if no one wants
  15. Thanks all. Yes sump can take backflow volume. Tested.
  16. Thanks guys! It's a simple setup, with filter sock,skimmer,Siporac rings and algae refugium. The algae colony is still not mature, as this is only a 5wk old setup. Oh, I also put some Rowa phosban in sock.
  17. Returned to hobby after 15 year break... 150litre tank converted from freshwater setup. Did overflow and sump myself. Powered by 4 24watt T5s,2 36watt PCs,2 wavemakers,1 excellent Tunze in-sump skimmer, 1 eheim return pump and 1 Teco chiller.
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