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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if the golden butterfly in Coral Farm is eating pellet?
  2. am amazed the queen does not touch any of your corals!
  3. Thanks Philip! Finally setup the Aquaroche rocks and it looks amazing. Picture really cannot do justice to the beauty
  4. would you know how much a pair of flame wrasse usually retail for?
  5. Is the Bodianus paraleucosticticus reef safe?
  6. Update day 6: almost all visible ich on body of the tang is gone...I'm going to continue dosing and finish the full course. Corals and inverts all are still in excellent health...no loss of fishes
  7. I am in day 3 of medic dosing and so far the ich is subsiding...no other fishes have any spots except for the one tang... All inverts and corals are safe and sound as well
  8. My tank is down with ich a couple of days ago...but am winning the battle so thought I would share with everyone out there 1. I use dr g's anti parasitic fish food to feed my tank three to four times a day. My anthias, chromis and wrasse happily gobble it down but my tangs are not touching it. 2. After each feeding of dr g, I then feed a small amount of pellet food soaked with garlic and selcon 3. I dose the tank with polyp lab medic double the dosage after consulting polyp lab 4. I run uv sterilizer 24-7 but switch it off for 2 hours after each dose of the medic to let the medic do its work 5. I took off the filter socks to let the water flow properly in the sump and get as much flow as possible in the sump That's all I did!
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