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  1. That doesn't sound right, especially for the sunburst. Unless it's some sort of rare variant which we are unaware of. What are they smoking?
  2. The onus is not on te customer to make friends with the retailer. We just want a fair rate, whether kopi Kakis or not. Imagine walking into Metro and the cashier charges you an extra 10% just because he doesnt know you. I'm a farm believer that LFS should display prices prominently. Overcharging "newbies" should be stamped out.
  3. Actually this is a bad time to shop. If the LFS knows they are closing a few days, there will be very little fish.
  4. Some LFS do not acclimatize stock. You can figure it out yourself. Also depends on where the stock comes from. Some LFS have massive stock lists many times a week. Likely trawler caught or chemicals involved. Survival rate will be low.
  5. Couldn't agree more. It is terribly unpleasant for non smokers. Makes viewing so uncomfortable. For those considerate smokers, thank you. But many smokers still puff without a care in the world. Why not just step outside for your fag and then come back in to browse??
  6. I would have no complaints coming out of a farm smelling like fish. But not cool to smell like you've been in a fire la. Some smokers blow directly at others too..
  7. I think NEA should ban smoking at fish farms. I've seen (and smelt) it too many times at Iwarna, LCK and Beng. Fishes hate the smoke too and there are no chicks to impress. With the recurrent haze, just step outside, Tarik harder and you would be indirectly cleaning the air for us non smokers. Don't need to light up. Just my pet peeve...
  8. Not sure how "new" is your tank but IMHO, one shouldn't add any fish until at least one month of proper cycling and water testing. What are the water parameters?
  9. What is a triangle butterfly? Scientific name or pic? Anyway, butterflies are advanced level fish and some are exclusive coral feeders. Best to read up before buying
  10. Venustus is very tough to keep alive or thrive. Please keep us updated on yours. Best of luck
  11. Bro beautiful fish. But far too pricey for venustus IMO.
  12. I'm totally bemused here. Water change is a must for any type of aquarium. Can't imagine living in your own poo.
  13. Emperor angels or any angels for that matter are not easy or beginner fish. The faded colour is due to bad water quality, not cupramine. Sorry for the loss though
  14. Just curious, why would you want a very small tang? I'm hoping it's not to fit into a small setup. These guys grow big and it wouldn't be fair to the fish. I could be wrong though..
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