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  1. Where is your signature Red bubble anemone?
  2. Looking for shallow tank set. Preferred 3x2x1.5 or 2x2x1.5 Please whatsapp me nine two 7743 one 7 if you have Thanks yah
  3. Hi guys, few RBTA for sale @ $30 each Kindly whatsapp nine two 7743 one 7 for further queries. Collection at 370054
  4. WTS Giesemann Nova ll 150W lightset come with 2 light bulb as in the picture for $30 Good for 2ft sps dominant tank Interested pls wazzup me at Nine two7743 one7
  5. Helping a friend selling his RBM at $250 1.5 yrs growth from a little small frag Collection at McPherson 370054 Kindly watsapp 9two77 43one7 for video. Cheers
  6. Helping a friend selling his RBTA at $30 Collection at McPherson 370054 Kindly watsapp 9two77 43one7 for more info. Cheers
  7. Help friend looking for it, he somehow misplace it and can't find it back anymore, if you have spare, kindly to msg me 9two774three17 Also WTB faulty bubble magnus C7 skimmer, due to the acrylic cone body was fall and crack, so looking for a replacement. Attach the picture RLSS cup for reference
  8. Looking for used or spoiled set of Conch+ 40 wavemaker and BM curve 7 skimmer If you have the above wanna to let go , pls watsapp me 9two77 43one7 Thanks
  9. Got 3 picasso clown Fish want to let go @ $40 each (number 1,2 and 5) Free delivery Interested pls watsapp me at nine two 77 four 3 one 7
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