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  1. I believe tonga branches looks nicer then that. Sad to say , having the LFS to sell already so many pieces of such sps to other reefers . It's just unfair and under such circumstances , letting the buyer to be " pai seh" to not buy after reserving . I think the lfs should step up in their service , provide more REALISTIC images of the sps to be sold. Also false information for deep water species of sps , i mean come on , it's just unfair for newbie reefers like myself to buy and end up having to try to keep it alive? We should do something about this , and with due respect to the forum , no criticizing of anybody , BUT just a POV .,
  2. Please whatsapp me at 97451581 . Thanks
  3. Starting soon ash! Get everything I need first! Hahaha
  4. Nice tank tofu! Really great advices , thanks to you , I think I'm on the right track for my new tank ! :-) Cheers! Rodney
  5. Hi all , Looking for some dead rocks for upcoming 4 ft tank . Please pm me if you have any giving or selling cheap! Cheers! Rodney
  6. How much would the scape be uh may I ask
  7. Thanks! It would be good if the scape has like a low island connected for zoas placement too!
  8. do you have a rockscape where by i can form 2 islands and is for sps placements? for a 4 x 3 x 1.5 feet tank. Thanks!
  9. Hi all , I'm looking for a Christmas wrasse or any other nice looking wrasse that will help aid in getting rid of pest. Please do text me at 97451581 if you have one to let go! Thanks! Cheers! Rodney
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