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  1. Thank you. It has been quite some time. Freshwater simply didn’t provide the same level of satisfaction.
  2. bought some golden cloves over the weekend. All are opening well.
  3. I’m still thinking if I should. Currently doing manual top up.
  4. To add on: 2 x GEX Silent Flow Slim Filter on each side of the tank (1 for mechanical filtration and 1 for biological filtration) HOB Refugium (chaeto macroalgae) converted from breeder box, combined with chemical filtration
  5. Decided to get into the reefing hobby again. This is my second time setting up a nano/pico reef tank, but i am doing it slightly different from the last. Here are the details: Tank: GEX Acrylic Tank (Desk Boy 600) Dimensions 60W x 17D x 25.4H (~ 20L) Caribsea Sand Dymax Skimmer 2 x GEX Silent Flow Slim Filter on each side of the tank Refugium (chaeto macroalgae) converted from breeder box mini USB powered fan Filtered Seawater Dosing with Red Sea Products (Ca, Mg, KH/AL, Reef Energy Plus) Water Temp: 24.5 - 25C Let the photos do the talking!
  6. I see you have a swimming pool in your house lol Nice tank btw bro
  7. Hello all! I started by reef journey 8 years ago with a 2 feet nano tank. Have since stopped the hobby due to work commitments but now, i'm keen to restart again, this time with a proper setup. Since my home only has space for a 3 feet tank, let's just go with that. I'm looking for a good setup with LED lights, Skimmer, Chiller, Sump etc. Planning to keep LPS and maybe SPS someday. Would not mind paying for better quality hardware and wanna keep maintenance as low as possible. Better still if the hardware can integrate to mobile app. Any suggestions and budget to set aside?
  8. GO - Golden Octopus AC - Aquarist Chamber
  9. Actually I get my livestocks from several locations. For corals I normally buy them from GO or AC.
  10. Thanks bunster bro. Tho it's costly but they are easier to maintain than some corals. I haven't had much luck with chalice and acans.
  11. thanks. Sorry the photos came out so terrible cos of the lighting. Iphone 6 camera isnt very suited for taking aquarium pix...
  12. very nice coral garden. I'm using maxspec razor too and find it hard to get such colors in my photos. It always comes out too bluish and purplish...
  13. Cool! Where did you get the polyp lab from? PM me
  14. Sharing my 'superman' scolymia australis (left) and 'bleeding apple' scolymia australis (right). Quite low maintenance coral. Daily feed of phytoplankton. Beware if you have fire shrimps/cleaner shrimps as they might damage the soft tissues.
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