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  1. Woah a reefer also staying st shelford road. Thought i was all alone in my neighbourhood hahahaha
  2. My guess is nitrate and phosphate. But i only got them when i just started my tank. Maybe you might wanna do some tests on these two.
  3. For me i use turbo snail and stomatella snail for cleaning glass and rock. As for the sand i use nassarius snail to eat leftover food and those Gong Gong to eat algae.
  4. 160watt maxspect razor. Haha. And the razor is really slim which makes the overall lopk of the tank nicer. Plus at 100% its really bright. Ps autocorrect i didnt check
  5. Oh ya one more thing, every skimmer has a suggested water level. Should do some research on your skimmer to see what is the best height for it.
  6. Its a nuisance!! Had tonnes of them after cycling my tank. Luckily my tang decided to eat all of them up
  7. U might wanna check out marinelife. He has some nice RBTA
  8. What is your feeding regime and amount?? Maybe can put some macroalgae in your sump to help bring nitrate down. Plus how often and how much water change do you do?
  9. If u manage to breed i dont mind getting baby pair from you hehehe
  10. No wonder it looks more like a rock island rather than a frag station. Alright thanks alot! Time to do some diy hehehe
  11. Wow awesome. In the first picture what is that magnetic plateform?
  12. Hey where you get that magnetic rockscape that can attach onto the glass?
  13. To me my clownfish colour looks good. Contrast of the black and orange
  14. Woah thats hard to maintain. Currently got one dragonet. Fortunately my pods population still able to maintain. I dont mind getting those pods that shops harvest themself.
  15. Same. My 25 down the drain. Luckily now my tank full of pods that looks like coachroach.
  16. Can tigger pods even survive in our sump? I cant seem to find them after one day
  17. Bro next time if you going buy pods i tag along la hahahaha
  18. I think you mean the tigger pods? I bought a bottle to start top up my refug. But day after i pour it in i see nothing left. Hahah.
  19. Ya need to put in the fridge. If u have corals also can feed them
  20. Maybe can try henry's reef gourmet. My clownfish loves it. Even before the food comes out of the turkey baster he will start nibbing on the tip. After switching to reef gourmet my clownfish hardly eats pellet food i give it
  21. Im also keeping purely lps and anenome. Im using the 160watt abd i got to say i love it. At 100 percent it can get really bright. And also the slime form factor is attractive
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