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  1. skimmer sold 3x caribsea liferock still available.
  2. currently in temporary tank selling for $60 whatsapp 96530850
  3. Hi all, my tank was decommissioned around 6 months ago. kept these around thinking I was going to rebuild, but decided not to. hence selling:( Caribsea liverock, 1 pc - $40, take all 3 for $100. bubble Magus curve 5 skimmer, for $70 WhatsApp me 84822258 thanks
  4. both kessils comes with gooseneck adapter
  5. Hi all, i have decided to take a break from this hobby due to time constraints. therefore i will be selling all my equipment. All equipment have been taken out to wash and dry. everything is perfectly working and i have not used any of them for more than a year. price is non negotiable as they are at my own loss and your gain. Here's a list of the items: 1. Hailea chiller hs-28a ($100) 2. bubble magnus curve 5 ($80) 3. kessil tuna blue A80 (2 sets) each set ($120) 4. kessil spectral controller X, unit link 90 degree cable worth $52, ($100) buy both kessils wi
  6. Hey reefers, recently had a diatom bloom (or what I think it is), at first it seemed like regular brown diatoms, however upon closer Inspection it seems slightly purple and slimy? Could it be cyano? Or could it be coralline? Advise please
  7. I agree about the T5 part, I’m afraid one day I return home and my tank will be boiling haha. So do you think 2 sets of 26’s are sufficient for my tank? If so, what light schedule and output should I use. Thanks
  8. I see, thank you for the response. My tank size is 4x1.5x1.5, shallow setup. 2 hydra 26’s enough for sps?
  9. I have considered T5 lighting before but I have decided to go with LEDs due to its controllability and colour.
  10. I see, I agree that purchasing more familiar Brand’s like AI or Kessil makes me feel more secure haha. Just want to ask, is it sufficient if I add 1 hydra 26 and 2 of my Kessil for a mixed reef? Assuming I run them all at 100%.
  11. Hey reefers, I want to establish a mixed reef in the long run. I currently have 2 Kessil a80’ s running for a year now. I Plan to keep a some sps corals hence I need to add extra lights. Anyone used the brand noopsyche before? I heard reviews about it being good. I probably have to get 3 sets for a 4 foot tank. Anyone has suggestions or offers on good light fixtures? I’m keen to hear more. Thanks!
  12. Could be, I will buy a better quality carbon and add it tonight. Will see how it goes. Thanks!
  13. alright man thanks alot !
  14. Two sets of hydra 52’s are going to cost me a bomb haha, what are the recommended PAR values for a mixed reef?
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