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  1. I got another question. i got 2 tanks at home is it possible for me to use 1 compressor but for 2 tanks?
  2. any more update on this DIY? kinda interesting...
  3. You can choose a cheaper skimmer.. That will bring down the cost..
  4. i dun understand why but i cannot see your pictures everytime you posted it... and i mean all of the posts u posted with pictures.
  5. dose in sump... and when the water circulate, the precipitate will be trapped in the sock.....
  6. i will rinse it and soak it for a day or so then use a soft cloth and wipe all glass panel (all using the same water) then drain it away. and start cycling if its not leaking..
  7. Its a bobbit worm.. will hunt fish.. glad that u caught it out...
  8. hi raymond... its more expensive than NTUC... $1.35 for 3 bottles or $1.55 for 3 bottles...
  9. agree totally... nice blog reply...
  10. like how? in a small container with lots of flows and food?
  11. upz! can call or sms to negotiate price...
  12. cjh

    Black & Decker RTX

    $212 from home fix...
  13. cjh

    Black & Decker RTX

    oh.. i saw the dremel already... with more tools also.... ok will go with a dremel then..
  14. cjh

    Black & Decker RTX

    To do DIY stuffs...
  15. cjh

    Black & Decker RTX

    oh.. coz i read the reviews on the net most ppl prefer B&D over Dremel.. care to share why do you prefer dremel?
  16. Anybody used this before? and where can i get it?
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