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    FOC Cheato

    Cool. Me staying at blk 650. If u want just give me a msg. 96695320
  2. Ah beng having a sale on their remaining red pratas... good catch. Can check it out. A number of african flameback angels too...
  3. Travy

    FOC Cheato

    Am trimming my fuge. Prob will yield about two numbers fist size. Self collect at my place sunday night after 11pm, east side bedok reservoir, Jln tenaga area. Pls Pm me if interested.
  4. Been looking for neon goby for the longest time... Also 2-3" sohal too... Thanks in advance bros
  5. Hey bro. Yeah its been a long time since i updated... Started work at a new place. Split shifts so hardly have the time to take 'nice' pictures and post... but am just happy to go thru posts like yurs. hahaha Tank is good. Neglected my tank for some time so the corals suffered abit. Fishes are fine though. One of my dispars turning into a male. haha! Just bought an addition of another 6 females ones. Would be nice to see them swimming together. Cutting back on stocking up on corals though. Anemone seems to be getting bigger... Powderblue still snacking on the last few remaining rocks of zoos... haha.
  6. Swee swee.... See liao i also want to do SPS...
  7. I tot ultra maximas are rather rare... how come its like popping up everywhere now ah? Or maybe people r passing off normal maximas for the ultras...
  8. Can try rising yur PH alittle... But shouldnt be a problem wat... Must be yur water la... something other then those stated. Oxygen? Maybe poison subtance?
  9. - Chromis cyanea : http://fins.actwin.com/species/index.php?t=9&i=517 - Black bar chromis: http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...pcatid=1848&N=0 - Sunshine / olive chromis : http://www.saltcorner.com/sections/zoo/fis.../Cinsolatus.htm vanderbilt's chromis : http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...pcatid=1721&N=0 One of my fav group of fishes... easy... greedy...and beautiful
  10. I believe the blue ones are chromis cyanea Pretty expensive and i have yet to see them available locally leh. Looked for them for awhile but then gave up. Theres a couple of chromis species for the aquarium. - Black axil chromis which have Green body with black base at the pectoral fins... AKA the armpits... - Blue green chromis, body have a blue green sheen. - Black bar chromis, this and the above two are the usually seen ones here. - Purple chromis, last time reborn have a few... Look abit like blue devils so have to be wary!!! - Sunshine / olive chromis, this one last time lck110 brought in at $25 a piece.. PHEW! - and lastly... vanderbilt's chromis. Havent seen it ard too...
  11. i second that. Basically... torches, hammers and frogspawns can be kept together without much problem. Then again so can elegance and pratas... so i've seen.
  12. Woah... more and more sun corals leh.... Eh Why not make the tank specialise in sun corals? Will Be a Beautiful sight! Can save on lights and in turn save on the powe consumption for lights Chiller! Heee... A tank full of orange... Yellow... Red Flowers... Eh post pic on PBT!! P/s: Live Rocks ah... Lay long Lay long...
  13. The bubbles i have only opened a few days when i added it to my tank.. then after.. never again. Upon closer examination I notice that the 'bubbles' are punctured. By wat i dont know... Cant seemed to weed out anyone suspicous. Haiz... 1 foot bubbles... i want also...
  14. Well.... if she did... I can think of worst things i can do to her then killing her... Heee
  15. YOUR BUBBLES>>> woah... very nice. I never had success with them... Hey bro, any ideas if the blue eyes will be compatible with dispars?
  16. Wat i do is i train the fish to take food from a satay stick. HAHA! Nothing beats 'Hand-feeding'.
  17. I did a similar DIY dripper for Kalk too. A drip throughout the day though, roughly abt 1 drop every 2-3seconds is enuff for LPS la. Some people i know drip only at night when the lights are off. many different ways to go ard doing it.
  18. Aiyoh... Buy the CR, upgrade the lights... can mati lo... Kinda turned on for the idea of a tank full of monti caps though... Mmmm.. ORD means 2 things... A FREE MAN>>> and... that i'll miss my monthly 'allowance' No matter how puny the amount is... Looks like i have to get dough the hard way... like everybody else... Get a job!~
  19. EH! Wheres the LRs....? How come corals so many...? WHY COLOR SO BRIGHT!? Aiyoh... see yur tank makes me itchy for Sps... eh since u have so many sps... Might as well give me yur LPS la. Better ma... read somewhere that Lps and Sps dont get along one...
  20. Woah.... Swee... i like the drop offs and cave...
  21. Travy

    Remote DSB

    Glucose? The powder?
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