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  1. My theory: Dont fix it if it aint broken guys...
  2. IMO i feel that iwarna and reborn have the best choices and value for price corals be it LPS or SPS. But then again. U all may have other recommendations la. Most other places can over charge quite abit on unexperienced hobbists. Best is to look ard and take note of the prices of species, color variation and most importantly care needed.
  3. PT prob will be ard 30 - 35 la. Thats abt the standard price. YT leh... abt 20 - 28 Depending on size. Seldom above 30 unless its a plam size specimen la.
  4. yeah.. tot of that too. But its gone now. Dunno wats wrong. Another possibility is that it was stung by some of my LPS.... OR Maybe its due to its mood swings? I remembered kind neglecting its feeding for a few days.. HAHA!
  5. Hey guys thanks for the input. No pictures... regretted as somehow... the patches just disappeared again over 2 days... Very weird..
  6. I agree. Can try to add more big rock to make a structure to cover the overflow chamber. HAHA! Look nicer ma. Reminds me of my old two feet tank...
  7. Hey guys, Saw something weird when i woke up this morning. Found 4 large white patches one side of the body of my powder blue tang. Each patch is abt 3-4cm in diameter. The fish is about 4-5 Inches long. Doesnt seemed to cause the fish any discomfort though. Eating and swimming regularly. And also i didnt see the patches last night too, it just appeared overnight. SHould it be of concern? Of its a sign that theres something i am not doing rite? Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  8. 30mins... ... ... ...Hmmm... WHY Not ME!?
  9. Since been waiting neck long long for my cam... decide to give a text update. Fishes are in my tank!!! Finally after 2 mths of LPS tank. Good to see some life. Current inhabitants... 1 X Powder blue (2 mths in QT and have grown quite abit... sideways and lenght wise.) 1 X Yellow tang 1 X Big eye soldier fish 4 X False percula 9 X Small 1" green chromis Still in QT 1 X solar wrasse 5 X dispar
  10. Ic ic... But what i did was i left a few pieces of 4" wide PVC sections into the tank as well. Knew new fishes tends to hide.
  11. Yeah i agree the best idea is a QT. Try to get one abt 2ft la. Mine runs only with a air pump operated corner filter. HAHA! Weekly water change... -new water into my main tank... -'old water' from my main tank INTO my QT. So the fishes can get used to it first ma and can medicate and feed till its almost brusting at the seams.... Had kept my Powder blue like that for 2 mths b4 finally transfering it into my main tank last weekend. The clams or mussels can get from market la. Use those fresh ones we eat lo.But remember to wash well under the tap b4 putting it into yur tank ah.
  12. OH! HAHA! hmmm should had figured it out. But only manage to find some nice mushies and yumas... Didnt know got blastos. Must keep my eyes PEELED!
  13. Can try clams or mussels on half shells. Most angels liked it.
  14. Hmmm tell tell... share share ma...
  15. No need to buy more rocks lo bro... I think u might want to reorganise abit and open up the space. Taking out some of the rocks may actually do the job. Nice sixline. Mine last time MIA till now cant even find a bone...
  16. Ya lo.. eh post pics of yur new scape leh...
  17. Not really. People keep wines because of the vintage. Certain climatic conditions during certain years will give wines of a certain region a certain characteristics thats different from the previous batches. WInes hardly bottle aged nowadays. Mostly barrel aged. The reason is due to the reaction and the flavors imparted from the oak/maple barrel the wines are kept in. Thus the longer its kept, the stronger the flavor as more layers developed in the 'so called' bouquet and body. In the bottle... No flavor ma. My best theory, Buy it. DRink it. Unless its some really rare wines which u cant get on the market often enuff or if u order bulk from vineyards abroad...
  18. Busy with my tank lo... hahaha! testing out some chaeto in my sump, results have been good. Positive growth and decline in NO3. HAHA! Good move, moving the tank out of yur room. No more chiller exhaust. Got time must come by see see yur tank again.
  19. 18 is abit young to get into most places la.... If u can and want to try, CLUB MOMO is the next best place to ZOUK. ONE at fullerton not bad... DXO beside esplanade... ok la. sometimes its good. Man... cant wait for ZOUK OUT!!!! coming soon so have to hit the gym extra hard now.. Anyone going?
  20. Oddly from what i've read on RC, most large angels are relatively safe in big tanks with sps. But they kinda have a taste for LPS...
  21. yeah thats a nice idea... But imagine the number of wave maker, amount of water top up, size of the skimmer needed, Size of teh chiller needed... and finally! The month PUB bills!!!! On the good side... u do have a source of light that cant be matched, AND ITS FREE!
  22. Great looking tank! Liked the scaping and the way u placed yur clams. Looks very natural. Incredible growth on yur sps too.
  23. He's asking how big is yur tank... Keeping 2 asfur angels, i think u prob need a big tank. At least 5 -6 feet man, PROVIDED u get a compatible pair leh. UPZ for the sale bro.
  24. Nice Nice... as always.... Where's the purple favia...?
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