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  1. How about the nutrient such as PO4 and NO3?
  2. Please see page 6 of this thread which i've posted the photos of elements i've been dosing. Or start from page 1, ive shared alot on what works for me
  3. Decided to give a tank a slightly new look with a slim LED bar and light hanger. Was inspired by how some of the freshwater planted tank looked so natural as a paludarium, hence, trying to do a marine version. Gonna cover the light hanger with more greens.
  4. Hi Xavier, lets chat privately. Have sent you a PM
  5. It has vanished.. I was dosing silica (SpongeExcel) too but that did not help in keeping the sponge alive
  6. Price lowered! Selling at SGD60 Self collect and PM to deal
  7. up! Good light to get started with less demanding corals on a 3ft tank
  8. Used for a year. Bought at SGD230. Selling at SGD70 Self collect and PM to deal
  9. Hi sleexox, I have been wanting to help answer but it has been very frustrating when SRC has been intermittently inaccessible. 1.What are the dimensions of your DT? 40g long 2.Do you think a skimmer is necessary for a macro-algae tank? If you can afford the space, yes. I traded the skimmer for more space so that I can have a bigger collection of macro-algae in the refugium as 'backup'. 3.Are you currently using any po4 remover like rowaphos etc? Yes, GAC too. macro-algae does not 100% clean the water. In certain situation, it may even make the water mo
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