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  1. Precisely, PBT was never in my plan at all. But the batch was so irresistable.... Their flame looks awesome too.
  2. The blue powdered tangs at coral farm look extremely healthy with great coloring and are already feeding on pellets. I got 1 for near 3 red notes. LCK 201 have a tank full of yellow tangs mid and large size. Got 1 for 4 red notes.
  3. Thinking of visit them in a while. Is this the location of LCK 201? http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_43235/travel_site_121936/?x=103.72515940702&y=1.4368841358207&l=13
  4. Thanks, another shot I took today
  5. I got it from fish-street. There was a 10% discount so I bought it. Cost me $34.28 including shipping You can try this code if it still works. 3CBE2BFX (no longer work)
  6. Fat fat Super suns! Quick snap by iPhone.
  7. I see... thanks for sharing... will try to rotate the use since I won't using using all of them
  8. Yeah... I was deciding between between a 6-line and radiant (6-line is so many times cheaper ). I chose the latter as I can safely add fish in the future..... 6-line, I read, is an anti-newbie.... lol It takes sometime to really appreciate the beauty. I visited henry 3 times and each time I do not find it nice.... I am glad I grab one as I had really grown to love it, the way it swims, it feeds, it dives into the sand leaving the floating particles.... etc.
  9. On this device or all timer? Thanks!
  10. Collected by a nice gentleman. Thanks for the interests.
  11. Mine arrive few days ago....
  12. Its just a matter of time..... no one can resist the chosen!
  13. Cool, mine is feeding on everything I put in From Henry's Gourmet to cheapo pellets.
  14. Next time can try rearing fish in washing machine liao.... Change water also easy!
  15. I was trying to find the hook your describe from your picture for quite a few minutes.......... Finally, I think you actually mean hood....
  16. Note to self: refrain clicking on this very poisonous thread.......
  17. slightly better lar, at least only borrow
  18. Yeah! But not on a net mah.... lol.... Maybe you can sell your mesh by square inch next time....
  19. Well, I rather waste a few more hours than to waste a fish . But, that's only me
  20. As far as I remember, UPS usually will give you a more stable Sine Wave compared to direct socket. Which is why I wonder how it could affect the equipments negatively. Anyway, I will try go find out more from those engineers, thanks!
  21. How you acclimatize your fish? I dripped mine for about 4 hrs 2-3 drop/second, drop bag into sump for another 30 mins to balance the temperature before introducing into the main tank.
  22. WAH! Idea leh..... but the bigger pods will stay on the net for one week waiting for you meh? lol
  23. Never ask her can borrow her cars or not
  24. I told Henry I want the biggest wrasse. Maybe that's the reason it wasn't as shy as the ones you guys got. Mine started feeding immediately and spent his/her first few hours exploring the tank until the lights went off.
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