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  1. IM14 sold to another friendly reefer. Mods, pls kindly close thread. Thanks
  2. IM25 sold and collected by a very friendly reefer. IM14 is still up for grabs.
  3. 1. IM 25 (tank on the left) Comes with Ehiem Compact 1000 return pump, 2x custom caddies, DD jump guard. Condition: 6.5 (due to some scratches on the glass from scraping algae) Price: $80 2. IM 14 Peninsula (tank on the right) Comes with Maxijet pump, 1x custom caddy, original jump guard. Condition: 8.5 (Note: back sticker removed for back chamber refugium setup) Price: $100 Collection place: Pasir Ris WhatsApp only: NineTwo36 FourNine36
  4. Update. Light set sold. Decided to use the tank for other projects. Thank you all for your interest! Thread closed.
  5. I believe they still have quite a few at Iwarna
  6. Thank you for your kind words. Very nice meeting you too.
  7. Bump for awareness. Will throw in a return pump for sincere buyers.
  8. Forgot to add, I can be reached via WhatsApp @ nine two three six 4936
  9. Display tank: 3-sided crystal glass, 6mm thickness, 30 x 15 x 12". Black oyama pasted at the back glass with overflow. Tank maker: CR Aquarium. Sump tank: front clear glass, the rest blue tinted glass. 6mm thickness, 24 x 18 x 16". Sump tank maker: Aquarium Artist Comes with Eshopps overflow S and red PVC pipings Maxspect Razor lighting Selling @ $300. FOC IKEA shelf. Note: it can definitely hold the weight of the tank when it is filled. Just need to waterproof it with laquer. (Skimmer, chiller & return pump not included.)
  10. Rocks sold to a nice gentleman. Thread closed
  11. As above. Good for 2ft tank. Letting go at $100. Collection @ Serangoon North Ave 5. WhatsApp @ 9 two 3 six 4 nine 3 six.
  12. Any pics for polo T? What material? And pretty sure that measurement is in cm and not inches.
  13. Anyways, it is not my intention to get this forum to shut down. Life must go on... we just need to take the necessary precautions. Just felt that it was conflicting that the sale of non life stock items are allowed while life stock are not allowed is all.
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