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Found 5 results

  1. Suitable for tanks 50-90G Decom 1 of the tanks. 6 mths old, asking for $180 (nego). Wsp 92733073 if interested.
  2. $30 delivery fee optional. Must confirm purchase before delivery arranged. All prices SGD. Contact through email blusafe1@gmail.com Pick-up in Sembawang most times of day LIKE NEW CONDITION chiller, external titanium tubing. I am the 2nd owner, never used by me. Room's AC is sufficient to keep tank at 26oC. 1st owner had no need for chiller. SOLD AS IS. Requires tubing. All other parts and fittings included. Manual provided. Chiller in EXCELLENT LIKE NEW condition. I am offering HALF THE PRICE OF STANDARD ON-LINE RETAILERS. $230. Ideal for both fresh and seawater aquariums, reservoirs, or hydroponic system. Lower noise than ordinary Hailea or Aqua one (from BOYU) chiller, except for the Hailea Aqua Medic line. Unique and innovative design, compact and easy to move. Pure titanium heat exchanger, corrosion resistant. Reliable ABS plastic body. Technical specifications: Model: Resun CL-450 (Some comes with UNISTAR Package) Voltage: 220-240V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 1/6HP Medium: R134A green Flow: 1200Lph higher flow could increase tank volume. Refrigeration capacity: 450 watts tank volume recommend(non-insulated aquariums): Set to 22 Centigrade, 450Litres max Set to 25 Centigrade, 700Litres max. Size: 380*290*430mm Equipment *Jebo 838 medium canister filter $40. http://www.jebostore.com/JEBO_838_Medium_Canister_Filter_4_Ply_p/838.htm *2x Eheim double-lock valves 16/22 (16mm inner diameter, 22mm outer diameter) ($40 each) *Classica ready Paradom XL330 aquarium. Installed with on-tank filter, T5 bulb and hood. 30L. $50. Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 41cm Volume: 30 litres Lighting: 2 x 8W Flow rate of pump: 650L/H Power Consumption: 6W *Eheim heater model 3612 50w max 60L $10 *2x Brine shrimp hatchery with two bottles, baby shrimp net, and lots of eggs. $30 http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=4445 *3x Veggie Clips $2 *Marineland Eclipse 2/3 carbon filters Free *Whisper Bio-Bag kit Free *Portable refractometer $25 *3 sticks Aquapharm rock bonder $40 *2 tubes Marineland silicone sealant $5 Equipment (110V) -MarineLand Penguin 550 powerhead 120v $10 -Tetra Whisper air pump 60 gal capacity 120v $10 Medicine -Bayer advanced complete insect killer for coral dips 40 fl oz (1183 mL) 3/4 full $5 -PraziPro fish de-wormer 16 fl oz (473 mL) $20 -PraziPro fish de-wormer 4 fl oz (118 mL) 3/4 full $3 -API Melafix fish relaxant/dip 16 fl oz 473 mL 3/4 full $5 -Methylene Blue King British 100mL 1/2 full $2 Additives -BRS 2-part starter kit with jugs, equipment, two boxes of magnesium, alkalinity, and calcium starter. Testing Kits -3x Seachem ammonia alert badges $5 -API KH carbonate hardness test kit nearly full $2 -Red Sea Calcium Pro with refills $30 -Elos Nitrate $5 -Sera Ammonia/Nitrate $5 Quarantine Tank Kit -2x 11 gal tanks -2x 14 gal tanks -110v T5 lighting single white bulb, single actinic bulb -220v T5 lighting single red bulb -220v Rene 50 air pump -110v Aquatic Life PS-115 skimmer -110v Marineland Multistage Canister Filters C-160 $50 -Misc airline tubing, valves, stones, to include one 4-way valve manifold Fluorescent Bulbs -Aqueon Floramax plant growth T8 24"L for freshwater red 17 watt, $2 ea, 3 bulbs -Arcadia EHO 14,000k 22"L 24w marine whites diameter 16mm $30 -Coral Sun Actinic 420 24"L 610mm 17w T8 $10 -AquaZonic 12,000k diameter 16mm 22" 550mm 24w $5, 2 bulbs -Aqueon 24" 17w T8 stock number 742C1G $5 -Coralife 50/50 24" 17w stock number 742C1F $10 -Coralife actinic blue 24" stock number 731A1B $7
  3. 1. Redsea Max 130 set, plug and play all in one - $200 - tank - hood New, with light bulbs - red sea skimmer - power dock - return pump (1 good, 1 spoiled but can be replaced easily and cheap, or use 1 all good as well ) - metal stand - many spare parts for diy 2. Atman cf1200 canister - 1200l/h - $ 50 3. reef octopus external skimmer - DNW 110 up to 500L- $80 http://www.fishtanksdirect.com/browseproducts/Octopus-DNW-110-Needlewheel-Recirculating-Skimmer-w-pump.HTML to add on soon.
  4. Hi Bros, Want to trade EHEIM Ecco 300 Canister Filter with all Piping and Media, its very new just bought it in December 2013, Warranty is still available for a long period....... i can also pass you the receipt. The following is my canister model. http://www.fishponds.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=396 Looking for a Suitable Skimmer for my new 4x2x2 Tank. I need to use this in my Sump. Thanks. Reason for trading: Yesterday my 3x1.5x1.5 tank cracked at the back and water all over, moved the live rocks and fishes to buckets and some tubs. Luckily last week i ordered a new tank from TankMaker, pls don't ask the price as it created a Tsunami in my wallet, my new tank will arrive on 16/Jan... so need this skimmer for my new tank. Thanks.
  5. WTS : EHEIM 2213 + EHEIM 2215 Canister Filters both in good running condition 2213 comes with pipings and tubing, no medias all running well . $60 2213 comes with pipings and tubing . no medias............ all running well . $80
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