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Found 18 results

  1. Wts New OF Super Hang-On Filter $18 interested pls SMS 96633566 thanks
  2. Suitable for tanks 50-90G Decom 1 of the tanks. 6 mths old, asking for $180 (nego). Wsp 92733073 if interested.
  3. Selling for $30, collect from my place near admiralty mrt. Thanks.
  4. Dear Reefers, I’m selling the above mentioned. Tubing and hose not included. $10 only. Self collect from my place at Woodlands Ave 6, near Admiralty mrt. Pls pm to deal, thks.
  5. Decommissioning my 3feet tank. Well taken care of Equipment and cheap Live Stocks to go at solid rock bottom price for the condition of items. All items condition at 8/10 - Cleaned weekly | Used for less than a year | -2 due to normal usage | Do feel free to drop me a text if you have any inquiries or would like to see photos!! - 9653 8710 Equipment 1) Kessil A80 Tuna with gooseneck - $115 2) OCTO ( Reef Octopus ) HOB Bh-90 - $130 3) Fluval FX4 Canister filter - $200 | Free Delivery | 4) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $140 5) 3ft Tank ( Eurobracing ) - $40 | To go last | Live Stock 1) Foxface 4" ( $6 ) 2) Powder blue tang 6-7" ( $30 ) Free delivery if the purchase is $200 or above. Pickup Location at Bishan Mrt
  6. Selling for $30, collect from my place near admiralty mrt. Thanks.
  7. Selling away my seawater aquarium oysters. These are small pacific oysters (about 4 cm in length) that won't grow bigger. They are filter feeders that can keep the water clean inside the tank. These are triploids and therefore will not spawn when the temperature rises. I'm selling them at $20/7 pcs.
  8. Hey guys and gals, It has been along time since I have posted here. I have decided to close my acrylic fabrication business and move on to other ventures. I have a number of new stocks still available to clear in my office. Selling off really low as to just clear what I have left. Items: 1) Becket Skimmers 2) Original design Zeovite Reactors (by the way I'm proud to say that many well known brands copied my spin design I created) 3) Acrylic Sumps 4) Acrylic Tanks 5) Aquabee pumps 6) Water dispensers and other items. Please do contact me to arrange to view them in my office. Address: Blk 9003, Tampines Street 92, #03-134, Singapore 528837 WhatsApp: 9298 9489 Thanks for reading. Cheers! Ian D'Rozario
  9. Hang On filter only use for 2 months. Upgraded to canister. ($15 for PF 800) I also have a smaller Hang On filter ($5) Self collect at Punggol or Tuas area Alan 90716505
  10. Selling used Bacteria King 10L. Great for reef tanks. collection at kathib. message me at 81two3three2five4
  11. $30 delivery fee optional. Must confirm purchase before delivery arranged. All prices SGD. Contact through email blusafe1@gmail.com Pick-up in Sembawang most times of day LIKE NEW CONDITION chiller, external titanium tubing. I am the 2nd owner, never used by me. Room's AC is sufficient to keep tank at 26oC. 1st owner had no need for chiller. SOLD AS IS. Requires tubing. All other parts and fittings included. Manual provided. Chiller in EXCELLENT LIKE NEW condition. I am offering HALF THE PRICE OF STANDARD ON-LINE RETAILERS. $230. Ideal for both fresh and seawater aquariums, reservoirs, or hydroponic system. Lower noise than ordinary Hailea or Aqua one (from BOYU) chiller, except for the Hailea Aqua Medic line. Unique and innovative design, compact and easy to move. Pure titanium heat exchanger, corrosion resistant. Reliable ABS plastic body. Technical specifications: Model: Resun CL-450 (Some comes with UNISTAR Package) Voltage: 220-240V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 1/6HP Medium: R134A green Flow: 1200Lph higher flow could increase tank volume. Refrigeration capacity: 450 watts tank volume recommend(non-insulated aquariums): Set to 22 Centigrade, 450Litres max Set to 25 Centigrade, 700Litres max. Size: 380*290*430mm Equipment *Jebo 838 medium canister filter $40. http://www.jebostore.com/JEBO_838_Medium_Canister_Filter_4_Ply_p/838.htm *2x Eheim double-lock valves 16/22 (16mm inner diameter, 22mm outer diameter) ($40 each) *Classica ready Paradom XL330 aquarium. Installed with on-tank filter, T5 bulb and hood. 30L. $50. Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 41cm Volume: 30 litres Lighting: 2 x 8W Flow rate of pump: 650L/H Power Consumption: 6W *Eheim heater model 3612 50w max 60L $10 *2x Brine shrimp hatchery with two bottles, baby shrimp net, and lots of eggs. $30 http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=4445 *3x Veggie Clips $2 *Marineland Eclipse 2/3 carbon filters Free *Whisper Bio-Bag kit Free *Portable refractometer $25 *3 sticks Aquapharm rock bonder $40 *2 tubes Marineland silicone sealant $5 Equipment (110V) -MarineLand Penguin 550 powerhead 120v $10 -Tetra Whisper air pump 60 gal capacity 120v $10 Medicine -Bayer advanced complete insect killer for coral dips 40 fl oz (1183 mL) 3/4 full $5 -PraziPro fish de-wormer 16 fl oz (473 mL) $20 -PraziPro fish de-wormer 4 fl oz (118 mL) 3/4 full $3 -API Melafix fish relaxant/dip 16 fl oz 473 mL 3/4 full $5 -Methylene Blue King British 100mL 1/2 full $2 Additives -BRS 2-part starter kit with jugs, equipment, two boxes of magnesium, alkalinity, and calcium starter. Testing Kits -3x Seachem ammonia alert badges $5 -API KH carbonate hardness test kit nearly full $2 -Red Sea Calcium Pro with refills $30 -Elos Nitrate $5 -Sera Ammonia/Nitrate $5 Quarantine Tank Kit -2x 11 gal tanks -2x 14 gal tanks -110v T5 lighting single white bulb, single actinic bulb -220v T5 lighting single red bulb -220v Rene 50 air pump -110v Aquatic Life PS-115 skimmer -110v Marineland Multistage Canister Filters C-160 $50 -Misc airline tubing, valves, stones, to include one 4-way valve manifold Fluorescent Bulbs -Aqueon Floramax plant growth T8 24"L for freshwater red 17 watt, $2 ea, 3 bulbs -Arcadia EHO 14,000k 22"L 24w marine whites diameter 16mm $30 -Coral Sun Actinic 420 24"L 610mm 17w T8 $10 -AquaZonic 12,000k diameter 16mm 22" 550mm 24w $5, 2 bulbs -Aqueon 24" 17w T8 stock number 742C1G $5 -Coralife 50/50 24" 17w stock number 742C1F $10 -Coralife actinic blue 24" stock number 731A1B $7
  12. Barely used for a 2-3 months Warranty until Nov 2015 Unused hoses and piping. Comes with full original eheim media. $130 http://www.eheim.asia/prod_e_extfilter_classic.html Aquarium Size: 600 litres Filter Volume: 6 litres Pump Output: 1000 lph 20 watts Max Head Height 2.3m Dimensions: 205mm x 405mm
  13. Hi guys selling for a friend Fluval G3 condition 9.5/10 Used for 6mths on Freshwater tank Only Bought from Petmart All parts functioning, nothing faulty. Welcome to test. Deal at Simei. Selling Price: 330 (Slightly Nego) Please call: Victor (9489 6145) After office hours or sms.
  14. Hi Bros, Want to trade EHEIM Ecco 300 Canister Filter with all Piping and Media, its very new just bought it in December 2013, Warranty is still available for a long period....... i can also pass you the receipt. The following is my canister model. http://www.fishponds.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=396 Looking for a Suitable Skimmer for my new 4x2x2 Tank. I need to use this in my Sump. Thanks. Reason for trading: Yesterday my 3x1.5x1.5 tank cracked at the back and water all over, moved the live rocks and fishes to buckets and some tubs. Luckily last week i ordered a new tank from TankMaker, pls don't ask the price as it created a Tsunami in my wallet, my new tank will arrive on 16/Jan... so need this skimmer for my new tank. Thanks.
  15. Hi I've d above pump used, 2 pieces, 13,000 ltr/hr for sale. Used 5 mth $80: 10 mth $50. Has been in store room for 3 mths. U can contact me 9616 4446. Tnx.
  16. Hi guys, posting on behalf of a friend. He's decoming his freshwater tank and wants to sell his eheim pro 3. Still under warranty from seaview, with the tag attached. 6mths old, used only in freshwater. Fully cleaned and comes with one tray filled with biohome and another with eheim biosprings . Condition 9.5/10. No scratches no dents. Letting go for $220 (slightly negotiable) Alongside that he's got glassware for the input and output, CO2 checker and bubble counter as well. $100 take all. Please contact him directly. Name: Victor Hp: 9489 6145 Deal: Eastside (simei)
  17. 2 ranchu fishes of 4 inch & 2 inch available. Trade with angel fish of any size & breed (or) Trade with internal/external filter complete set. Not for sponge air pump filter. Collection at block 504, woodlands drive 14. sms to 92717692
  18. Gd evening to all. Firstly this is my very first post in here after i finally register myself. I have done a quick read for the past few days but still clueless on certain stuff. FYI, im new to marine aquarium world. Started for like 4 months already. A brief timeline how i started back then when im still staying in JB before moving back to Sgp due to the former house on a full renovation process. 1) My fiancee wanted to keep "Nemo". So we end up at a LFS in Permas area that sell both freshwater & marine. We got a small tank (~14.13 Litres) from them together with a small hang on filter. Together with 1 inch deep of crush corals, 1/2 inch "big" grain sand, 1/2" "small" grain sand all layered starting from the crush coral. Both of us were told to purchase a bacteria in small bottle and saltwater from them. The best part is.. They never told us to buy LR, instead offer us to buy an anemone since my fiancee wanted a pair of nemo in the first place. (Blame me because we jump into this hobby w/o getting any info from the net beforehand) 2) Once back home, i help her to set up everything, after few hours running the filter, eventually all the dust & "crap" settle down on the "seabed". 3) Here come the best part: After we look at the water already "crystal clear", we throw both nemo and the anemone str8 in. (Genocide?) 4) We thought we successfully became a "marine hobbyist" that particular night since we saw both fishes swimming around "happily" near/on the anemone. Furthermore our room is air-conditioned 20 hours a day.. 5) Finale: After like almost 10 days, the 3 creatures wipe-out starting from the anemone. Moral of the story: Got back to the shop and ask why, all they said is they "forget" to offer me LR in the first place(but never explain in full details). Never mentioned about tank cycling, Nitrite & nitrate, Ph, Kh & etc. U know.. the basic fundamental/knowledge a reefer should know/possess. After like almost a month we start(1 more dead nemo/lps along the way), overstocking with LS(i totally forget the number and species) we move back to SG(read above). P.S: Im not always around since my work need me to go outstation.) Once back in SG, i surf the net to search for marine shop to purchase saltwater since i managed to bring the tank and LS together. The best part... i came across J.M @ CCK! I know i know.. i just read an old thread bout them in 2010-11 period earlier in the evening. So i decided to drive there to check it out. The first thing i was impress with their seahorse since i find them very mystical. So i thought they must be very professional in giving me advices. End up when i wanted to pay for a new small "gayish" hang on skimmer, the lady boss told me about their QSS. She knew i was a newbie with lil' info. (I got no time to do research since always away for work, remember i support financially my fiancee for this hobby, end up im the one who got hook into it till today) She told me the hang on skimmer is not for keeping marine system. So to sum it up... she recommend me to buy the smallest QSS in their range which is around 65litres. She told me to grab 2 kg of live sand, 2 jerry can of saltwater. I add up few stuff like turbo snail, harlequin shrimp and small red starfish & their "reefmax" bacteria. The phucking best part!! -> i never ask for a receipt.. the final cost was nearly $500!!! I was surprised since she told me the QSS was around ~$200. I know it is my fault since i never ask the list of price for the items which should be in the receipt. So as a newbie, i brought it back and proudly present it to my fiancee thinking that finally we have the best system around to finally keep her nemo alive.. I know it sound like a big joke. But after we get it, since we are damn newbie, the stuff really impress us. (u know lah, clear water, no more dead fish within 7 days.) After getting that QSS, i got myself some time to read a few info online(surprisingly not from here! ) regarding marine hobby. I was somewhat "enlightened" abit. So i scout around for some stuff like PH, Ammonia, Nitrate tester. That is when i bought myself a LPS, Zoas, seafan, acantha to share with the same tank with fiancee! Hahahaha. Here come the best part: After more reading & searching online, i think the QSS feel so small compared to those system with all the "piping work", refugium, "real" skimmer, & all those "zhim" equipment. I fell in LOVE with the "real system".. but i have ZERO knowledge about those stuff. END OF STORY: Im interested to know where & who should i seek to teach me how to do those kind of stuff? Can i still use the tank i bought from J.M w/o their QSS but instead use all those "proper" gadget with a sump/refugium(remember my 1st smaller tank) and chiller? Since i'll be moving back to JB in few months time so i dont need a bigger tank for now. Maybe once i obtained all the necessary infos and knowledge, i will decided to order a bigger tank in JB & upgrade all the necessary equipment. Im so sorry for this long winded "composition" but i rather be a slow learner compared to being a stuckup arrogant fellow for not asking question. Thanks for reading and i hope all the seasoned player help me out. I really want this marine hobby to last till the end.
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