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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone, Decommissioning my tank as I'm moving to a smaller place. List of items on sale as follows. All items have been rinsed/soaked in vinegar (have also removed the coralline in the display tank but haven't revised the picture). Please PM for more details! Thanks. 1. Tank + Sump + Cabinet (selling as a set) - $200 Display Tank 24 x 15 x 18 inches (L x W x H) Sump 21 x 10 x 12 inches (L x W x H) Cabinet 24 x 15 x 36 inches (L x W x H) 2. Skimmer (Tunze DOC 9004) - $90 3. Return Pump (DD H2Ocean Flow Pump 2000 Lph) - $30 4
  2. I got the few types of equipments for sale. 1) ATI SunPower T5 with Dimmcomputer 06 X 54W - $550 (6 tube all just charge CW 2 LED lighting, Bought brand new) 2) Hailea NEW chiller HS-90A (1/2hp) - $400 (condition 8/10, bought brand new) 3) Two little fishies Phosban Reactor - $50
  3. Hi all, Few fishes to go: chromis, red sea salfin, tailspot wrasse, clarkii clown, pink Smith damsel, velvet damsel. Emerald crab Few corals, red digitata, red mushrooms, bubbles. Few equipment, ocean runner 3000, rio45, maxspect Razer, biopellet reactor, wavemaker with pulse control.Chiller Hailea hc1000 need top up gas. Liverocks sufficient to fill 4ft tank Tank size is 2*2.5*3ft. Thickness 10mm, black silicone. Too bottom brace. Take all for 500. Please contact at 974Ol2l8. Thanks.
  4. 1)reef booster brand new unopen $40 2)KH powder in DD small salt pail full - 1 pail at $20 (have 2 pails) 3)1 x 1/2 pail at $10 4) calcium powder in dd small pail full $30 5)3 channel dosing pump $80 6)Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6055 Controllable Pump with controller 7091 Selling $180 7) 2 litter fish FR wysiwyg selling $30 8) reef octopus FR wysiwyg selling $40 9) 6ft body with 5f tube wysiwyg selling $150 Bulbs use for 7mths 10) 3 stag DI will throw in tds meter , 0.5 pail carbon and 1/5 risin. Selling $80 Collection and deal at sengkang Thanks you
  5. Decom my full SPS tank due to moving house, will restart once settle down. Live stock go first, equipment 2nd. Address: AMK st 31, 560319 SPS Colony - $ 50 -180 Purple Staghorn Purple Tort Blue staghorn Lumi Yellow Staghorn Rainbow styloo Loripies Purple Bonzai Indo SSC Rose mili Purple dragon Blue digi captitata Echinata Fiji Staghorn - Purple Fiji Staghorn - Yellow Light blue/green staghorn OZ blue sky staghorn Fiji purple pocci Fiji Lemon Green pocci yellow Acro Santosa Monti - meteor shower x 2 versions 20k Lokani Calalinitana (correct my spelling) others no ID Frag also available
  6. Hi, I have a 2x2x2 display tank and 2x2 sump. What size of skimmer do I need? What are the minimum spects it should have? Do I need an additional pump?
  7. 45cm cube tank set with sump. Full set sale only. $1200 Eco Lamp KR92 $400
  8. The Ocean Free Stream 3 filter uses "Hydro-Pure" technology to ensure your tank has stable water quality while being environmentally friendly. By filtering through a 3-step process, the Hydra will turn your ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate into biologically clean water. Suitable for tanks under 2,500 litres. Ultra high efficiency Designed for higher water volume capacity Achieve and maintain optimal water quality and enhance your existing water/ filter system with Hydra Technology. Multiple fittings provided for ease of connection (12/16mm & 16/22mm) Stable water quality Environme
  9. $30 delivery fee optional. Must confirm purchase before delivery arranged. All prices SGD. Contact through email blusafe1@gmail.com Pick-up in Sembawang most times of day LIKE NEW CONDITION chiller, external titanium tubing. I am the 2nd owner, never used by me. Room's AC is sufficient to keep tank at 26oC. 1st owner had no need for chiller. SOLD AS IS. Requires tubing. All other parts and fittings included. Manual provided. Chiller in EXCELLENT LIKE NEW condition. I am offering HALF THE PRICE OF STANDARD ON-LINE RETAILERS. $230. Ideal for both fresh and seawater aquariums, reservoirs, or h
  10. Selling the Skimz Monzter OM2500 $50 Self collect at Bukit Panjang.
  11. Have the following to clear. Please bring along your own pail of container for the Bio Balls, Rings and Rocks 1. 3/4 pail of Bio Balls ($20) 2. 1 pail of Ceramic Bio Rings ($20) 3. 1 + 1/2 pail of dead rocks ($20) 4. 1 JBJ ATS ($100) 5. 1 glass Top-up tank for Madpetz with cover and float value ($30) Collection at Bukit Panjang
  12. Have the following to clear. Please bring along your own pail of container for the Bio Balls, Rings and Rocks 1. 3/4 pail of Bio Balls ($20) 2. 1 pail of Ceramic Bio Rings ($20) 3. 1 + 1/2 pail of dead rocks ($20) 4. 1 JBJ ATS ($100) 5. 1 glass Top-up tank for Madpetz with cover and float value ($30) Collection at Bukit Panjang
  13. hello all! clearing some unused items; 1. 2ft tank with cabinet = $50 front corners are curved i.e. same piece of glass for the front and sides cabinet; 2 front glass doors 2. 19kg of white, size 0, sand = $20 3. 1kg of potassium chloride = $10 4. Rowaphos - more than a full mug worth = $10 5. Weipro SA-2011 skimmer = $10 6. Aqualifter AW-20 = $10 7. XL stainless steal bone cutter = $15 free items (bros who purchase any ^ may reserve them, otherwise fcfs) 700l/h Boyu Powerhead 1200l/h Ocean Free Powerhead Maxijet MP-1200 (body only) self collect in tampines!
  14. Hi guys I'm starting a new tank mid-end Nov and I need some feedback on my choice of equipment I've gathered some information already and I need some advice if its the right thing. I have a budget of $3k for equipment and around 5 feet of free space (the tanks probably going to be around 3 feet due to budget) Here's the information I've gathered: Tank 3ft*2ft*2ft Tank (2nd hand) ~$400 Lights DELightings T5 Retrofit II 2x 39w (3 feet) (x2) SGD240.00 (x2) $480.00 Tubes $120 Skimmer (unknown) ~$700 (2nd hand ~$300) Wave generator Tunze stream 6065+6085
  15. All equipment been with me for the pass 2yrs all in good condition will give a 3days full money back warranty. prices are rock bottom already so low ballers please stay away. equipment pick up location at ton tuck road sms 97967297 for further details. 1) H&S insump Skimmer support up to 800 liters $280
  16. Hi all, I will be visiting singapore this june, where are good places I can go to buy corals, fish and equipment? Cultured corals that is. . I know golden octopus is one, but do they have a shop? How does one get there, appointments etc? Thanks, Sripad
  17. Hi, decommissioning my 8 years old marine tank. 4ft x 2ft x 2.5 ft (height). Giving away everything that I have. Protein skimmer, rocks, lighting (may need to change the tube), pumps etc etc. All are in good condition. You will need to have a new cabinet. Self collection at Bukit Batok. 5-inch Crown wrasse to give away too. Please do not ask me to post any photo. Text me at 91075485 if you are interested. Thanks.
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