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Found 17 results

  1. alot items to clear going cheap mostly new new red star k105 sock holder-10 new pack AF reef mineral salt 800g- 12 2x new colombo KH test kit exp08/25 -20 new 12 hole lumi orang frag holder- 20 90% full frag plug base- 10 50% brightwell mircobacter quikcycl - 5 all 80% left whole lot of salifert testkit and AF test, api kit, ph kh nitrite nitrate phospate- 40 slw 10 jebao cleaned and kept in store- 40 If take wholeload will give special price
  2. $20$80 Collect near Admiralty mrt along woodlands ave 6.
  3. Start Bid price: S$1 Bid ends : 9th Feb 2019 at 2200hrs. Collection at Punggol MRT or 821664. Winner must collect within 7 days of auction end. Large frag disk of Zoa (Don't know ID) with at least 18 polyps, apologies for poor phone pics. No buy it now price so please do not PM.
  4. Start Bid price: S$1 Bid ends : 9th Feb 2019 at 2200hrs. Collection at Punggol MRT or 821664. Winner must collect within 7days of auction end. Large frag disk of clove, apologies for poor phone pics. No buy it now price so please do not PM.
  5. 1 - GSP (nos. 1 - 4) $5ea 2 - GSP (no. 5) $2 3 - Duncan $10 4 - Duncan $15 5 - Orange Mille $15 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  6. 1 - GSP $10 2 - SSC $40 3 - Duncans (20+ Heads) $100 Collection Chai Chee Whatsapp 98212678
  7. 1 - Bright Green Acro $10 Collection Chai Chee 98212678
  8. Hi all, I just started venturing into keeping acros. I saw some tanks online where acro frags were placed very close together, maybe 3-4cm apart. What is a healthy distance I should keep between each acro frag?
  9. Missed Iwarna's shipment. Any kind bro/sis willing to sell a frag? I can offer Kenya tree as sweetener.
  10. Collect in Hougang whatsapp 97606747 to deal Collection before CNY! Green Stag (Lime in the sky) A - $30 B - $15 C - $25 D - $20 Indon Pink Birdnest E - $10 F - $15 G - $10 Fiji green humilis H - $10 Indon Green Tenuis with blue tips I - $15 J - $25 Aussie purple sps K - $30 Unknown Aussie sps L - $20 Unknown Yellow sps M - $30 N - $15 Unknown green sps with blue tips O - $25 P - $10 Aussie Orange sps with green polyps Q - $30 R - $40 S - $20
  11. Hello! Willing to trade a turban snail about the size of 2 fifty-cent coins due to him constantly bulldosing everything in my tank. As for your info, I keep a nano. Although I would prefer to trade for something, anything under the sun. I am also willing to give him to a better home if need be, anything just contact me at 92957-420 whatsapp preferred Thanks!
  12. Sunset millie $25 Others: $20 Collection at Serangoon Garden.
  13. I am looking small frags of the following corals 1) Lumi true octo (branching type) 2) Tri color valida 3) Red and blue dragon acropora 4) Purple tip yellow acropora 5) Chaeto 6) superman monti 7) yuma (looking at blue, green, or pink) variety - i also have a orange variety for trading (single colony will do) Kindly watsapp price with photo at 91141924. Many thanks for viewing
  14. I have two rainbow monti frags to let go. Each frag is abt 10 cents coin size and it is encrusting on frag plug. $20 per frag. Collection at Serangoon Garden. Please SMS/Whatsapp 94880692.
  15. chiya

    Full tank shot

    From the album: My corals

    This is a full tank shot of my 4 x 2 x 1 frag tank
  16. Hi All No space liao!!! Clear some space for my Chalice! 1. red Sea-cucumber, not red-sea cucumber... 15 SGD will stay on top of tank to clear waste or food floating on water. 2.5 inch 2. Zoas colony, one of my previous favourite, mixed with some eagle eyes, total more than 150 polyps, around fist size. - 35 SGD 3. Green tips plate with orange mouth, bone size 1.5 inch, open size around 2 inch - 20 SGD 4. Stag-horn frag with more than 3 branches, 2.5 inch long, finger thick. blue colour on top layer - 35 SGD 5. Acropora Frag - blue tips, frag on spot, each frag longer than 2 inch. - 18 - 35 SGD depends how many branches Clear them fast for my itchy hands to get new toy, thanks
  17. wanna clear some space. sorry for poor quality pic, all taken by ip4, what you see is what you get. will be fragging. price range from $1-$10 per polyp depending on zoa. didnt manage to take all of the diff zoa upclose.. here are some pics location pasir ris
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