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Found 11 results

  1. 1. SKIMZ Calcium Reactor CM122 $100 Whole Set. (Just change new piping, CO2 left 30%-50%) https://carousell.app.link/BoVoGMZQwwb ———— 2. Daikin Compressor chiller with double cooling coil and extra temp controller and temp probe : $100 https://carousell.app.link/cMfqppUQwwb ————- 3. 2Ft DE lighting & DIY 2Ft T5 set $38 https://carousell.app.link/aDq9sw2Qwwb ————— 4. 2ft stand for LED. $50. (Free faulty AI Hydra & Vega. ) https://carousell.app.link/hXTIJu4Qwwb ————- 5. Palm size or bigger Dry Rock $20. ————— 6. NEW Sera Siporax Professional Dia. 25mm + Mini Bacteria House all for $38 https://carousell.app.link/xTOZttMQwwb Kindly WhatsApp me wa.me/6591900009 for fast deal
  2. Selling a 2.5 yrs old DIY Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor for just $499. Estimated Dimensions: • Footprint: 300 x 360mm • Total height: 700mm (buffered for ph probe) • 1st Chamber Body diameter: 150mm (10L) • 2nd Chamber Body diameter: 110mm (5L) + Comes with medias in both chambers, RowaLith (16kg) and ZEOmag (10kg) + Eheim 1264 + 10kg C02 tank (3/4 Full) Optional FOC items - 5L Alloy CO2 tank - Pinpoint pH monitor PM if keen
  3. I got the few types of equipments for sale. 1) ATI SunPower T5 with Dimmcomputer 06 X 54W - $550 (6 tube all just charge CW 2 LED lighting, Bought brand new) 2) Hailea NEW chiller HS-90A (1/2hp) - $400 (condition 8/10, bought brand new) 3) Two little fishies Phosban Reactor - $50
  4. Hi everyone, Some items priced to clear. 1) Jebao Wavemaker RW-20 (~ 1 year) @ $70 2) Skimz Fluidised Reactor @ $40 3) Biopellet Reactor @ $30 4) iAquatic Calcium Reactor (requires an Aquabee 2000 pump, not included) @ $60 (have some spare CR media, will include FOC) 5) CO2 canister (note is rusty but was topped up several months ago and unused) @ $30 (CR + CO2 together bundle @ $75) 6) Maxspect R420R 120 deg Reflector @ $15 (take all 4 for $50) Interested, please WhatsApp 91682887. Collection in East. Thanks for viewing!
  5. Hi upgrading so need a bigger one. Letting go this + CO2 tank. Without controller. It works fine manually. Six months old. $150 +$80 for CO2 tank. Can be sold separately. Collection upper serangoon.
  6. After more then 10 years of hobby, it's time to shut down permanently due to new born child. Live stocks have been given away, only equipment left. Daeilea Fish Cooler DBE-200 OR6500 pump Skimz FR with aquabee pump (need to replace impeller) Tunze 6100 Tunze Multicontroller - moonlite spoilt Tunze Magnet Holder Tunze Coral Fix H&S Protein Skimmer with aquabee pump (need to replace impeller. needle wheel included) Koralin CR Take all for $700 nego.
  7. Hi I am looking to buy a Calcium Reactor. Do PM me Regards Daniel
  8. Have a brand new Skimz Calcium Reactor CM93 DUO for sale. Bought on 9th Dec 2015, still in its original packaging, didn't even took it out before since leaving AM after the purchase. Warranty valid till Dec 2016. Looking to sell at S$175. Link to the product: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=2036 Deal location is at Lakeside. Please PM if you are interested. Cheers!
  9. This is a good self explain diagram from marine depot which teaches how to setup your calcium reactor
  10. 1). Calcium Reactor. (Just replaced the MaxiJet Pump) $100 2). CO2 Tank + Solenoid (about 6 months. As good as new, no Rust. Still under warranty from AM.) $100 FOC Calcium Reactor. (Need to Replace the Maxijet Pump. and some valve) * Just 2 Bottlles of Coke, (Priority to buyer who purchase item 1 or 2 ) FCFS. Collection @ Bt Batok.
  11. Hi, Looking for a calcium reactor to suit my 5ftx1.8ftx2ft tank. Please let me know if you got 1 to let go. thanks for viewing
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