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Found 16 results

  1. Used skimz BR83 reactor for sale $50 Interested pls sms 96633566. Thanks VID_20201130_162426.mp4
  2. can't find my previous post, so posting again 1. reef octopus ato - $20 2. led lights - 1.5 feet - $20 3. vertex 1.5L reactor - $40 4. reef octopus water blaster return pump 12600 - $150 5. hanna checker Alkalinity (ppm) version - $40 interested - WhatsApp 83284194 collection at Tg Rhu
  3. Selling a 2.5 yrs old DIY Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor for just $499. Estimated Dimensions: • Footprint: 300 x 360mm • Total height: 700mm (buffered for ph probe) • 1st Chamber Body diameter: 150mm (10L) • 2nd Chamber Body diameter: 110mm (5L) + Comes with medias in both chambers, RowaLith (16kg) and ZEOmag (10kg) + Eheim 1264 + 10kg C02 tank (3/4 Full) Optional FOC items - 5L Alloy CO2 tank - Pinpoint pH monitor PM if keen
  4. Used skimz RR93 bio pellet reactor for sale $50 interested pls SMS 96633566 thanks
  5. I got the few types of equipments for sale. 1) ATI SunPower T5 with Dimmcomputer 06 X 54W - $550 (6 tube all just charge CW 2 LED lighting, Bought brand new) 2) Hailea NEW chiller HS-90A (1/2hp) - $400 (condition 8/10, bought brand new) 3) Two little fishies Phosban Reactor - $50
  6. Upgrading to larger tank at new home so letting go of my system. This system gave me great joy with fast growth of SPS CHECK OUT THE PICS ATTACHED 1. Innovative Marine (IM) 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Aquarium (with return pumps) - $300 - FREE Glossy Black Cabinet - FREE Jebao RW4 wavemaker - FREE Test kits and Food 2. Innovative Marine (IM) MiniMax – All-In-One Media Reactor - $100 3. 3/4 Tub of Red Sea Reef Pro Salt - $50 4. Refractometer - $20 Whatsapp or Call 9-6-6-6-6-713 for fast deals
  7. Used skimz BR80 reactor for sale $50 new pump interested pls sms 96633566 thanks
  8. Decom ed long time but still wish to have time being a reefer again, so kept alot of stuff in storage. now have to clear most of them by batches to clear space for kid project. 1. LED strip light - very strong, great to support T5 on the side, ard 3ft long, blue, violet, pink. bought 180, sell $120 2. Cal, Mg, KH - all 3 pails at $20 3. dosing pump, silicon tube are new, only display screen missing a few pixel, wont affect working, let it got at $50 4. mini reactor - $30 5. ARM CR media - full - $40 6. 2f
  9. Did a few upgrades in my system thus selling the following items in a "price-to-let-go" 1. ADV Reef Reactor -- $30 (missing coupling for replacement) 2. Skimz FM100 -- $60 3. Skimz Monster E Series SM251 -- $400 (foc waste collector w/o O-ring) 4. Aquatic Systems Design Calcium Reactor -- $250 (welded cracklines but doesn't affect operation and effeciency) 5 ATB Skimmer Med -- $300 (no pump, recommended pump min 1300L/hr, shows crack line internally but doesn't affect operation and efficiency) Open for negotiations
  10. Selling a used TLF Phosban Reactor 150 as shown in pictures below: Comes with new Eheim 12/16mm hoses, was going to setup it initially but change of plan, hence selling it now for S$30. Self collect at Lakeside location. WYSIWYG. Do drop me a PM with your contact number if you are interested. Cheers!
  11. Hi all, Selling the following: 1) Arctica 1/10 HP chiller - $320 2) Bubble Magus Curve 9 skimmer - $220 3) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $190 4) Skimz Monzter FM100 Fluidised Reactor - $60 PM me if you are interested. Collection at CCK. Thanks.
  12. Biopellet reactor $50 Rowaphos reactor $20 Collection at serangoon garden.
  13. Dear Reefers, Letting go the following items due to upgrade. All the equipment below used for less than 3 months. PM me your contact to deall via whatsapp or message. 1. Sump tank Dimension: 60cm x 50cm x40cm 3 compartments Price: $100 2. Skimmer Brand and model: Skimz SN143 Reference: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1640 Price: $200 3. Biopellet Reactor Brand and model: Skimz BR100 Reference: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1646 Price: $100 *Note: Biopellet, pump and fluidized reactor in the picture is not inc
  14. hi there.. i have 3 pumps in my ios.. one is the return pump, one skimmer and the other is chiller.. i wana use a reactor for rowa carbon and im lacking space for another pump.. it is ok if i connect the 1200ph pump to my reactor and connect to my hailea chiller 1/10hp..??? Many thanks in advance..
  15. Gd evening to all. Firstly this is my very first post in here after i finally register myself. I have done a quick read for the past few days but still clueless on certain stuff. FYI, im new to marine aquarium world. Started for like 4 months already. A brief timeline how i started back then when im still staying in JB before moving back to Sgp due to the former house on a full renovation process. 1) My fiancee wanted to keep "Nemo". So we end up at a LFS in Permas area that sell both freshwater & marine. We got a small tank (~14.13 Litres) from them together with a
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