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Found 9 results

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to all! Have some items for sale after decomm. All items below have only been used for a month, all purchased in November 2022 and used till December 2022 before tank decomm due to upgrade. Can see from the photos that they are all brand new Item 1: Reefbreeders Pico LED v2 Light (Purchased from Specialised Aquatic Solutions in Nov 2022) 4 x 450nm royal blues 1 x 420nm violet, 1 x 6500K Cool White LED Comes with mounting bracket and flexible arm for proper adjustment of light! Brightness and blueness of light is completely customizable as every part works well, it also comes with 3 different inbuilt timers, 8, 10, 12 hours Retailing for $139 at LFS selling cheap cheap for $70 (very good coverage for pico tanks and recognizable brand) Item 2: AOL AL Mini Nano Chiller (Purchased online in Shopee in Nov 22) Used for only 1 month Rated for 20L tank (can use for freshwater shrimp nano tanks as well) Comes with temperature probe to check temperature and turn on when required Bought for $90 selling cheap cheap for $50 Pump and tube not included but I can provide for +$10 Item 3: RODI Filter 3 Stage Compact build (Purchased online in Shopee in Nov 22) Flow rate of 14L/h consist of Chlorine remover beads, RO and finally de-ionized resin Used only 3 times so the cartridge is as good as new Bought for $85 selling cheap cheap for $45 Comes with all the extra accessories, tubing, piping, connectors to household tap TAKE ALL 3 ITEMS FOR $150 If this is not a good lobang, idk what is... Do PM me or contact me at 98186223 on WA if interested, thank you! FCFS
  2. - Fluval 13.5 set comes with LED marine light and pump - Fluval Mini Skimmer - Solid type cabinet Used ard 9mths and recently upgraded to a bigger Redsea Tank hence selling this one. No livestock, just the above mentioned equipment. Will throw in some marinepure media. $280 for this plug & play set Self collect from my place @ 563588
  3. My first pico reef in a Fluval spec 3 AIO tank.
  4. Hi, I am a new member here. I've been a reader of sgreefclub, and I kept a 2 feet nano about 4 years ago, then gave it away to neighbor because of moving house. I have read about the 100 percent weekly water change approach for pico tank done by Brandon429, and Ecoreef one, and decide to try it. I've bought live rocks, fill 1 gallon pico tank; it is bare-bottom with live rocks and airstone only. So far only kept easy stuff, zoa, gsp, one yuma, one coral banded shrimp, a porcelain crab, and red macro algae. It has been running for 5 months, with weekly water change, so far seems alright. But now it seems a bit boring and visually unappealing and I want a slightly bigger tank and with more interesting corals. I wonder if the approach can be applied to shallow pico tank with small wave maker. I'm still looking for the right tank now. Maybe those who has experience in keeping pico can share some knowledge to me?
  5. Due to miscalculation, I ended up with a spare Skimz iBox Nano IOS Tank (only). So I thought to myself… What the heck… If they can make these things so small, there must be some kind of reef that could to kept. So start my Nano/Pico tank adventures... Dimensions: W180mm x D225mm x H245mm Pump: Dymax PH200 (5W, 200 liters/hr, 5-10 liters) Light: Hopar LED-200 (Blue+White, 3W, 21 LED) Before Setup After Setup Found a small skimmer but not small enough to fit into the IOS compartment… Will continue searching probably will go for those limewood type. Considering using LIVE rocks to cycle. Please hit me with all the necessary wisdom to make this work. Thank you.
  6. Just started a new pico SPS tank in the office yesterday. Transferred all my dying / bleached out SPS frags from my home tank after another white slime breakout. This tank will serve as a recovery tank to the frags and the objectives are to get the frags back in good health again. Equipment Filter: HOB filter Wavemaker: Boyu SP101 Light: Green Element Evo 6x3W (Modified 4 Blue / 2 White) I plan to supplement Ca and KH with small amounts of kalkwasser daily. As you can see from the pic, most of the SPS frags are bleached but not dead. Currently I've only switched on the 2 blue lights (supplemented with an overhead desk light + light from the tank next to it) so as not to shock them.
  7. Display LWH: 3.0x1.0x1.5 IOS LWH: 0.5x0.5x1.5 Currently skimmerless (no space available yet) Chiller: Resun280 Lights: 2x t5 white + 2x t5 actinic blue + 2x blue LED FR: biopellet FR (in-progress setup) Plan Livestocks: LR,LPS,Softies,Fish Ammonia and Nitrite currently 0, Nitrate around 20~40, hopefully with biopellet FR will reduce soon http://youtu.be/hElyut99LNc http://youtu.be/vf9t9EkT9r8 Any advice let me know....
  8. Just read that there is this new UFO looking LED lights for the nano and pico tanks up to 1.5 feet. Other than the shimmering effect of LED lights, the most noticeable feature is dimming of its white and blue lights (30 levels) and intensity setting, which allows users to digitally set it from 6,000 to 25,000k and for sunrise and sunset effect. It boasts to include high PAR lighting to grow Acropora corals too. However, at 18W, I have my reservations on its ability to keep sps and suppose it is only suitable for less light demanding corals like lps and softies. But if it's true, it's something worth rejoicing for the pico community. Apparently, it has a small footprint and is easy to mount onto the tanks too. I understand the retail price is around $170 here. Anyway, the website is shown below for your reference. http://cherrylumi.com/board/bbs/board.php?bo_table=eng_product_3
  9. Hi bros, My friend and i decided to decomm our office tank as we are shifting soon. Gonna combine and raise fund to setup a bigger tank So we have 2X IQ5 up for grab!! Great for office or bedroom tank!! 01) IQ5 with Backdrop Condition: Very good Modification: backdrop grey rocky look (cost me $30!!) Colour: Black Filtration: IOS Comes with all original equipment- original dymax pump, LED lighting etc. Freebies: Dymax Mini Algae Scraper, Dymax powerhead (additional, for wave), Dymax Feeding Tray Price: $55 SGD or $65 SGD bundle with VORTEX W8 FAN. 02) IQ5 without Backdrop Condition: Excellent, Fairly new a few months old Modification: None Colour: Black Filtration: IOS Comes with all original equipment- original dymax pump, LED lighting etc. Freebies: Dymax Cooling Fan W4, Dymax powerhead (additional, for wave). Price: $60 SGD Additional misc equipment for sale Dymax Cooling Fan VORTEX W-8 - $12 (Less than 1 month old) 2 x HOB - $5 (Forget what brand and specs, normal form LFS at $12 each) LED Light - $10 (White & blue, about 18cm length? Will update the brand when i get home) Note: No LS will be included. Collection will be at east side. Tampines/Pasir ris/Simei Please leave your contacts, Pics can be sent through whatsapp or any means.
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