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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, New member here. I recently did a tank move from a smaller tank to a larger 2ft tank and my torch coral hasnt been the same ever since. Ive already tried iodine dipping in Seachem ReefDip. I also flushed out the inside of the coral with some tank water using a turkey baster and saw some brown stuff wash out. Is it the dreaded BJD? Is my coral going to live? Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 26 Alk: 11.5 Cal: 450ppm Mag: 1320 Ammonia: 0.50 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 P.S: Yes im aware that theres some ammonia but ive used the mature media and sand from the previous cycled tank and im dosing nite out 2 as well so im expecting the ammonia to drop soon tho do let me know if ammonia can affect torches like this B6479474-0053-44E3-86A2-4A0D2278A382.MP4
  2. Hihi, have the following for sale: - Red and blue discosoma combo $25 (note: Red discosoma has blue dots) - Toadstool (appx 8x6cm) $20 - Yellow hammer (2 heads) $70 - Pink tip torch (4 heads) $70 VID_20200229_140703.mp4
  3. Hi fellow reefers, have the following frags for sale! All items are WYSIWYG unless stated otherwise. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, collection and viewing @ 579727. Thanks for viewing! H1 - Golden Hammers only have Frags of 2 Heads/3 Heads @ $35/$45 Respectively H4 - Yellowish Gold Hammers 2 Heads/3 Heads @ $35/$50 Respectively T1 - Neon Green Tentacles, Blue and Pink tip Torch 1 Large Head (As Per Pic) @ $30 T2-Green Tentacles,Pink tip Torch 2 Heads@$35 T4 - Purple Tentacles, Pink Tip Neon Green Mouth Torch, 2 Heads @ $40 C1 - Peach Tip Octo @ $75C3 - Neon Green Octo (Large) @ $85 G1 - Red Gonio (No smaller than 1 x 1 inch) @ $70, 3 Pieces avail FCFS on selection G2 - Multicoloured Gonio - $80 (1 Piece) G3 - Dark Purple Blue tip Gonio @ $55 (1 Piece) overall Pic attached to show colour comparison. L1 - Galactic Inferno Litho @ $70 (1 Piece) F1 - Oz Tri-Colour Favia @ $30 F2 - Oz Rainbow Favia @ $70 F3 - Watermelon Favia (2 Pieces avail) @ $30 F4 - Dusty Green Favia @ $35 F5 - Purple Prism Favia @ $35 M3 - Red Micromusa @ $40 M4 - Red Micromusa Mini colony (2 pieces avail) @ $35 M5 - Oz Ultra Acans @ $60 M6 - Purple with Neon Green Mouth Pipe Blastomusa @ $30 X - Peach/Blue Chalice @ $30 Y - Tri-Colour Brain @ $50
  4. Blrs

    WTT Torch Coral

    3-4 head torch coral with fluorescent green mouths and white tips for trade. 4 inches across when open. Looking for different colored torch corals, preferably purple/pink/blue in color or other easy LPS such as blastos, acans, duncans. Can be frags but with nice colours. Willing to sell if no trades available (25). PM or contact directly at 8one26nine3seven2. Collection in serangoon.
  5. Hi all, WTS several piece of Acans, price is ranging from $10 to 50, Torch with 5 heads at $25, Gonio at $30, pls whatsapp me for the pictures, 96382799.
  6. Selling the following two corals. Growing too big for my tank liao so I sort of Frag (read: chop) them into half. Both coral been with me for more than 5 months. WYSIWYG FCFS ah ... Collection at punggol. Interested party please contact me at 86one two seven 1 eight two. Top left is the hammer, top right is the Gonio. (Photo taken with extra white light) 1) Green Gonio.(fully open about 2 inches) $25 brightest green (white or blue light) in my tank and that says a lot given I have no less than 10 green LPS/ SPS... mother looks like this: 2) Metallic Green Hammer (fully open about 2 inches) $25 Also very bright. Love the way its hammer sway with wave. mother looks like this:
  7. Selling the following two corals. Growing too big for my tank liao so I sort of Frag (read: chop) them into half. Both coral been with me for more than 5 months. WYSIWYG FCFS WWE KFC IJUSTKEEPTYPINGLAH READNEXTSENTENCELAH... Collection at punggol. Interested party please contact me at 86one two seven 1 eight two. 1) Mini Torch (3 heads, branching type, about two inches) - $28, green body with light purple head. 2) Torch (1 big head, branching type, about three inches) - $22, brown body with orange tip. base has 6 radioactive green zoas heads. P/S: sorry my clownfishes, your accommodation has just been downsize to a shoebox apartment....
  8. Had been collecting a bit of zoas lately and to make some space for more Here are some corals for sale: 1) Sunflower Zoas (8-10 polyps) $25 2) Rasta Zoas with brown skirting (approx 15 polyps) $25 3) Fruit Loops Zoas (30+ Polyps) $40 4)Green torch with purple tips (3 heads) $25 All for $100/- Weekdays night 6-9pm is fine, and I will have to return to my school's apartment any time after that. So please arrange with me via PM. Please leave me with your contacts and I will send the pictures of the corals to you. Collection will be at Tampines Thanks.
  9. RBTA: $35 Torch: $15 each Collection at Serangoon weekday night after 8pm. Interested please whatsapp or SMS 94880692.
  10. Any idea why my torch and hammer is curled up? Water parameters are okay
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