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Found 19 results

  1. Hi reefer bros! I'm in the process of upgrading my tank. Before I embark on getting the 1st hand items, thought that it'll be better to post here to see if there's any bros who's planning to sell your equipment. NYOS Quantum 160 Skimmer Marine Magic ATS Wyatt Light - pref 200, 240 You can also PM me items you're planning to let go , it could be calcium reactor, ats and items not listed above and I'll see if I need it. Many thanks!
  2. All used, washed and dried clean. Nylon materials 200-300 micron if I rem correctly. 4” dia with 8” length or 15” length as displayed in the pic above. Take all for $5 or each for $1 per piece regardless of size and length.
  3. Old empty 2L Ans alloy co2 cylinder to let go @ $50. Collection near admiralty mrt.
  4. Going cheap: Eheim compact 3000 66w -- $50 Eheim compact 1000 23w -- $30 Eheim compact 600 11w -- $20 Rio 2100 30w 2630l/h -- $10 Atman 500l/h 8w -- free Atman 230l/h 2.5w -- free Newave 1000 25w 750-1400l/h -- $20 (sucker lost) Mouse Battery Air Pump M-102 -- $5 (New) Collect at Blk306b Punggol Place, #03-25, S822306
  5. Last few items to go... Price revised to $250 for fast deal... Collect at: Blk306b Punggol Place, #03-25, S822306
  6. Guys, Free so wasted if throw so call again... 1. 7" filter bag with acrylic holder 2. Isolate box Collect at Punggol Blk306b Punggol Place
  7. Guys, Thank you for reefing with me for so many years. Indeed, it was a joyful memories over the buy&sell in this platform. As I already quit totally from reefing, here I have a lot of useful items n parts just wanna give away to ppl who needs them, feel free to take anything suitable from the following address where all has placed just at my doorstep. Cheers! Address: Blk306b Punggol Place, #03-25, S822306 (All Items will be disposed on Sunday at 8pm if still have left over...) Enjoy reefing
  8. Guys I have some equipments to clear: 1.NAC C3.5 Skimmer $45 2.Ehiem Compact 1000 $30 3.Marine Magic Dosing pump $50 4.DD Salt half bucket $45 5.DI 5 stays with pump n resin $400 6.2ft Led light set comes w more blue few white, low profile... $10 Etc. Pictures will be posted later...
  9. Hi guys, Just post here in case u want... 90cm (White) -- about 1 yr old, sell at $30 36w 90cm (Pink) -- about 1 yr old, sell at $30 36cm 60-70cm -- less than 6 months old, sell $20 15w 60-70cm (more Blue/ few White), old stuff, sell at $10 40-50cm -- less than 6 months old, sell at $15 10w Collect at Punggol
  10. Guys I hv a used sump tank still in good condition, suitable for 2ft tank or below, Sell at $30 size as follows: LxWxH 450x300x400mm Filter compartment 150mm Thickness 6mm Pls see the attached pic Collect at Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 Pm if interested
  11. Guys I hv a used sump tank still in good condition, suitable for 2ft tank or below, Sell at $30 size as follows: LxWxH 450x300x400mm Filter compartment 150mm Thickness 6mm Pls see the attached pic Collect at Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 Pm if interested
  12. Hi Reefers, Selling for $60. Pls pm me if keen. Collection location at woodlands ave 6 near admiralty mrt. Ans brand and used for ard 2yrs. Thanks.
  13. Looking for H 2ft x W 2ft x H 1.5ft bare tank without top bracing Pm can
  14. Hi all, I'm selling my used maxspect gyre xf130 @ $90. Used for around 2yrs. Condition 6/10 but still in working condition. Still in original box. Description of the conditions: Some of the flaps in the ruggedized propeller has broken or missing in some of the sets. There's 4 sets in total. Rubber in the bushing has worn out and torn and I replaced it with diy silicon tubings. Some dead Coralife algae stains on flow cage. Collection location: Near admiralty place/mrt. Pls pm me if u r keen, thks!!
  15. 45cm cube tank set with sump. Full set sale only. $1200 Eco Lamp KR92 $400
  16. Guys, I hv the above for sale at $40, it comes with UV light, item is quite new with good condition, can use for seawater or freshwater, collect at Punggol. Spec see pictures attached.
  17. Looking for a Fish tank. Size : 4x(1.5-2)x(1.5-2) ft and 10-12mm thick With Cabinet. Pm me here or WhatsApp me some photos @ 85223044 if you have one. Thanks.
  18. Guys, If u hv the above mentioned wavemaker please let me know, currently need two units. Thanks Hp: 96493294
  19. Reef Vitality, still have more 60% left. $40. Color elements, more 80% left. Each for $45. Take all 3 bottles for $120. Take all bottles of fm ce including rv for $150.
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