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Fish Carnival 2012 ( 07.12.2012 ~ 09.12.2012 )

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I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all those SRC members helping us out on this event especially Karlyau and Reddevils which was there everyday helping out. Really Kudos to you guys in helping us making this event successful !!

Also all the supporting commercial members and partners of SRC for their freebie and support toward this event.

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:thumbsup: any discount for SRC members who buy things at the carnival? haha

It was nice meeting up with you guys, I will be down again tml to show support.

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To all at SGReefClub,

Congratulations for the successful event! :score::thumbsup:

MASS is proud to be part of the event and I must say that our stakeholders and sponsors were a little apprehensive when they were told about this event. Most were concerned about the outdoor venue and also the crowd that we will draw.

However, with the collective efforts from the respective stakeholders of the Fish Carnival and the supports and the members of the various stakeholders, we managed to answer these concerns.

We faced another challenge during Thursday after when we will hit by a thunderstorm during set-up. All booths were drenched and flooded. But instead of throwing the towel, it only made us more determined to overcome it. Everyone pitched-in to protect the electrical equipment and to clear the flooded area. The rain came in again on Sunday afternoon but this time we were all prepared. :thumbsup:

I have also spoken with a few external parties that commented that they were surprised and happy that we managed to pull through with such limited funding. :yahoo:

MASS will be looking forward to participate in another successful Fish Carnival with your side.

Best Wishes,

Joseph Tan


Marine Aquarist Society (Singapore)

"Reefs, like forests, will only be protected in long term if they are appreciated"
Dr. J.E.N. Veron
Australian Institute of Marine Science


Member of:



UEN: T08SS0098F
Please visit us here: http://www.facebook....uaristSocietySG
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook....gid=34281892381

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Looks not much pple...

Previously went to those dog shows at expo n the crowd is huge.

Went to aquarama 2010 n the crowd Is really... wonder the exhibitors will feel Singapore reefing market is negligible.

Hope tat with RWS ocean world, Singapore reefing scene will get a boost.

Tank size:36"x36"x24"

Return pump" 2x Reef Octo 5000

Skimmer:BK Double Cone 200 on Reef Octopus DC 5500s.

Wavemaker:2xVortech MP40wES

Chemical filtration:1xeducator FR(biopellets)

Chiller:1hp Daikin compressor.

Lighting:2 x Kessil A360we

Auto topup system: JBJ ATO + new jet 1200

Dosing system: Kamoer 3 channel.

Additives: ESV 2 part.

Power consumption

2XReef Octo 5000: 120watts

BK skimmer:50watts

2xVortech wavemaker:70watts

Daikin compressor:775watts


Ato system:21watts

Exhaust fans:16watts

Refugium light:27watts

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Looks not much pple...

Previously went to those dog shows at expo n the crowd is huge.

Went to aquarama 2010 n the crowd Is really... wonder the exhibitors will feel Singapore reefing market is negligible.

Hope tat with RWS ocean world, Singapore reefing scene will get a boost.

That is also why we organize this event solely for the hobbyist and to promote the hobby. Aquarama is more of a trade show nowadays and sadly public need to pay average $ 10.00 per person just to go in to see the same thing .

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    • By Harlequinmania
      Join us in the online facebook photo contest and win some cash prizes !!

      Prizes to be won : CASH $ 400.00

      Contest Details;

      1. Select ONE of the Best photo taken during the event day (07.12.2012 ~ 09.12.2012) and upload it to SRC Facebook page here latest by 09.12.2012 @ 1200 hrs .

      2 . Category accepted : Any photos taken during the event day ( 07.12.2012 ~ 09.12.2012 ) , candid shot, marine fish, equipment, funny photos, reefer ect ....

      3. The photo with the most " LIKE " on our page by 09.12.2012 ( 1200 hrs ) get to win the contest. Alternatively you may also invite your friends to "LIKE" your photo at SGREEFCLUB Facebook page after you have uploaded in order for them to vote for you during the contest period. The more "LIKE" you get, the higher chance for you to win.

      4 . The lucky winner will be informed by email or facebook private PM / phone on the last day of the event .

      5. Participation is open to all new and existing SRC ( Singapore Reef Club ) members only including SRC moderator .

      6. Prize money can be collected after being notify on the last day at the event itself.

      Notes ;

      ** Our SRC page on facebook will only be open for public posting of photo from 06.12.2012 onward.
      ** you have to join our facebook page before you can be able to post photos on our facebook page.
      ** Please Invite your friends to Vote / Likes on your photo and not the link .
      ** The judge decision is final.
    • By Harlequinmania
      If you are a newbie in this hobby or a reefer whom always wanted to know more about the marine or fresh water aquarium. Please drop by on Saturday ( 08.12.2012 ) during the event to join in one of the talks below.

      Free to all to attend and get to talk to the speaker from both local & oversea speaker whom will be there . There will also be a short Q & A after the talk as well as a lucky draw for those who attended with attractive prizes to be won !! :yahoo:

      Some information of the talks held on the event as follows;

      Date : 08 .12. 2012 (Sat)

      From : 1330 to 1530

      1330 - 1400 How to set up a Frog Terrarium (Basic) - Green Chapter - Green Chapter

      1400 - 1430 How to set up a freshwater shrimp tank (Basic, Beginner) - Green Chapter

      1430 - 1500 Salt versus natural seawater, and the importance of testing and supplementing in reef aquariums - By REDSEA

      1500 - 1530 )How to set up a Frog Terrarium (Basic) - Green Chapter

      1530 Onward - Lucky draw with attractive prizes to be won.

      Hope to see you all at the talk ..
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