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WTB GSP, Golden Cloves, Xenia Frags(west side)

Soong Yu Juan

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anyone? i will self collect if located in west.
hi I can give u some GSP for free, size abt 5cm by 2cm. They are growing on my sand. not attached to rock work. Am at bukit panjang. If interested, pm me. Pls bring your own container. Thanks.

Tank size:36"x36"x24"

Return pump" 2x Reef Octo 5000

Skimmer:BK Double Cone 200 on Reef Octopus DC 5500s.

Wavemaker:2xVortech MP40wES

Chemical filtration:1xeducator FR(biopellets)

Chiller:1hp Daikin compressor.

Lighting:2 x Kessil A360we

Auto topup system: JBJ ATO + new jet 1200

Dosing system: Kamoer 3 channel.

Additives: ESV 2 part.

Power consumption

2XReef Octo 5000: 120watts

BK skimmer:50watts

2xVortech wavemaker:70watts

Daikin compressor:775watts


Ato system:21watts

Exhaust fans:16watts

Refugium light:27watts

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