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WTS - Mini Gonio and Mini Hammer

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Selling the following two corals. Growing too big for my tank liao so I sort of Frag (read: chop) them into half. Both coral been with me for more than 5 months. WYSIWYG FCFS ah ...

Collection at punggol. Interested party please contact me at 86one two seven 1 eight two.


Top left is the hammer, top right is the Gonio. (Photo taken with extra white light)

1) Green Gonio.(fully open about 2 inches) $25

brightest green (white or blue light) in my tank and that says a lot given I have no less than 10 green LPS/ SPS...

mother looks like this:


2) Metallic Green Hammer (fully open about 2 inches) $25

Also very bright. Love the way its hammer sway with wave.

mother looks like this:


子非鱼,焉知鱼之乐... (you are not the fish so you...)

Then: my 4FT low tech selling off tank... (2006)

Now: (2014)

@Sept 2014

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