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Hi all, as above for only $250!

9-10+ Heads Oz Ultra Grade acans, 7-8 heads of Oz Flouro Acans, 2 frags Of 3-4 Heads Bi-colour Blasto, 1 head Oz Marbled Yellow Hammers and 2 heads of yellow True octo. WYS/WYG


All for only $250! WhatsApp me @ 92971884, collection @ 579727 or Caldecott mrt ,reservation only if half deposit, FCFS. Thanks!


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Breakdown due to multiple requests for individual sales, Prices in sequence of pictures

Rainbow Acans - $70

Fluoro - $40

Blastos both for $70

Hammer -$65

True Octo - $30

ALL FOR $200. Will throw in other freebies :)

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