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WTS assorted frags


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Montis ($5-8)
Forest fire digi ($5)
Lumi green torch with purple tips ($35)
Red brain (FOC to any buyer who can nurse it back to health)
Lumi green leather ($8... frag on the spot)
Colt coral ($3... frag on the spot)

Upper serangoon.
Priority to multiple purchase and can collect fast.



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I’m interested in your green leather. See if you can sell more than 1 frag, or even a larger frag. I can drop by tonight if you’re ok. Thanks.



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Tank 60x40x40 Optiwhite Glass Tank Sump Elos 500 w/ Tunze Overflow Protein Skimmer Skimz Kone SK1 Return Pump Hydor Seltz L30 Wavemaker Hydor K1 Illumination 150W + 2 T5 Chiller Arctica 1/5hp w/ Aquabee 1000 Water Top-up Tunze Osmolator Dosing Pumps Grotech 3-Channels Calcium Reactor Deltec PF 501 Computer Aquatronica

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