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Weekly-LFS-Shipment-Update-21 Sep-to-27 Sep -20/

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Coral Farm shipment:
spotted face tang, 
desjardinii sailfin tang, 
yellow fin naso tang, 
powder blue tang, 
orange anthias male/female, Naoko fairy wrasse male, 
yellow regal angel, 
blue face angel, 
blue lipstick angel, 
imperator angel, 
fire clown, 
Clark anemone (indo), 
clown trigger 20 cm 1 pc, 
hybrid powder blue tang  1 pc

Still got Coco angels-small to medium Size, price within $500 to $600 range depending on size. 

Tank : 4 X 2 X 2 with low iron front panel and external overflow

Skimmer : BK SM200 with waste collector

Return Pumps : Red Dragon 6m3 and Ehiem 1262

FR : 2 X Deltec 509 & powered by AB2000

Nitrate Filter : Deltec NF 509 and tee off from AB2000

Calcium R'tor : Deltec PF 501 with RM secondary chamber

Kalkwasser R'tor : Deltec KM500

Chiller : Pansonic 1 HP Compressor with 20m titanium Coil

Wave Makers : 4 X Tunze 6055 with 7096 & Vortec MP40w

Controller : GHL Profilux

Lighting : ATI Powermodule 10 or 8 tubes

Water Top-up : Water Top-Up tank powered by Tunze Osmolator

External Monitor : American Pinpoint pH and Temp. Monitor for main tank and GHL Profilux Controller to measure temp, pH, Redox

Ozonizer : Sander C50

UV : Corallife 6x

Algae Scrubbler

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