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weileong's 4ft tank - Part II


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get it up and running leh when i pop by later..

looks great eh....such a big empty space..

ya... come take all my macro algae.

The last compartment will have water abt 6" high and 2x1.5ft area while the baffles are 4" and the rest of the empty space is catered for backflow when power failure or when I need to power down the pumps. There will be approx 50% more capacity after complete backflow :yeah::yeah::yeah: no more worries I can go on business trip with ease.

My current sump just can't handle the flow and now I am trying my luck, the sump will overflow a little when there is power failure.

Back to work else tonight cannot sleep. Basically it is a non-stop process till I get the sump running.

1st send the sump for leak test to check if the bulkhead are leaking :P

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Old sump is removed. Then installed a center beam for the wooden stand. Thanks to Ian for the tips to use a car jack :thanks: The nightmare of having to drain out the water from the main tank then slowly hammer in the beam is gone.

Here on the left of the photo you can see the installed beam. On the right is the car jack with a pc of 30mm PVC pipe that lifts the beam on the wooden stand allowing the center beam to be install.

Oh yes a toilet paper is used to plug the overflow pipe as it's still dripping water since my tunzes are still running :P


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View of the sump.

Still a little messy, will tidy it up later. Very tired after the whole operation.

Noticed the low water level at the last compartment of the sump :P

No sponge or foam used in the sump. Purely water processing only. Will help to make maintance much easier.

See my cheapo Rowaphos reactor :blink:

The skimmed water and preskimmed water do not mixed now so my skimmer runs at max efficiency.


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another. very straight!

I checked the blue one in Marine Atlas...think it's called Blie Blanquillo, a type of tilefish. nad it says it mimics the blue streaked cleaner wrasse.

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