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Looking for 2nd hand items (NYOS 160, ATS, Wyatt) etc

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Hi reefer bros!

I'm in the process of upgrading my tank. Before I embark on getting the 1st hand items, thought that it'll be better to post here to see if there's any bros who's planning to sell your equipment.

  1. NYOS Quantum 160 Skimmer
  2. Marine Magic ATS
  3. Wyatt Light - pref 200, 240

You can also PM me items you're planning to let go , it could be calcium reactor, ats and items not listed above and I'll see if I need it.

Many thanks!

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Thank you @platiniumgrizzle for the lights... Will take good care of it!
Still looking around for equipments rated for 500litres - 1000litres.

1. Skimmer pref NYOS 160 or BM Curve Elite 7
2. Calcium Reactor
3. UV Sterilizer

Any reefers decomming or have spare ones please holla back. Thanks.65f38b60bd3d71a618b8a9bad8b57ee1.jpg3a33a2cd4b5ebb5a46694dceccd849b2.jpg

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