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Can house two tangs together?

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if size and shape vastly different they tend not to bother each other....i once had a 1 inch BT with a 5 inch whitecheek....they do not fight...in fact the BT seems to think that the whitecheek is its mami and keeps following it around the tank!!!!

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Anybody know can i put two or more tangs together on a same tank by

introducing one by one? I heard about mirror method of putting together

what is mirror method?help please???

when introducing your 2nd tang..place a mirror on the side of your tank. your exsisting tang will be chasing its own reflection thus leaving your new tang alone. Once your new tand has settled down n eating u may remove the mirror. there r also many factors to consider..tank size, bio load etc......

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i've got 5 tangs already and trying to fit in another 5 more for my 6footer.........size important but seems like the more i have, less bullying occurs as i think the tangs get distracted.................my2cents

6ft x 2ft x 3ft

Suggestions so far.

1. Remove coral chips and ceramic rings and replace with live rocks. removed...looking for live rocks now

2. get rid of most of the filter cloth

3. First Buy!!! Skimz FR with Sorb4 and eheim pump

4. Re-doing the sump.....I~aquatic doing up the plans.

5. Lighting MH+T5 or T5 only? how many?

6. Chiller?

7. Wave maker

8. check valve on the return line to prevent sump overflow (great idea)

9. Refugium? Anything to replace it? a FR of some sort maybe?

Tank Inhabitants

1x Blue Tang

1x picasso trigger

2x Brown Tang

1x pygmy angel

2x Stripped Damselfish

3x False Percula Clownfish

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Sometimes I wonder....

If we visit most sites, the information on fishes almost always say they need minimum 30 gallon tank. :o

That by itself will rule out most people running 2ft tanks! :eyeblur:

No doubt we try to provide as good a surrounding for fish as possible, but if we have 4ft and don't take care of water parameters, over-feed, don't feed, etc, I think the fish would much prefer a smaller tank with a kinder owner... ;)

Geylang Lor 11 one of the terrace houses near the temple, there's a tank with a whole ship load of tangs, mostly yellow! I count at least 20! and trust me, it's not even a 4ft tank. Tank seems quite established and all tangs (I think there are no other fishes!) look healthy, fat and happily swimming!

Maybe :off: a little but if tang police see, sure heart-attack and collapse on the spot!

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Read somewhere that if there are small number of tangs (2 or 3), they will get territorial and fight with one another. However, if there are a lot (like at some LFS) of the same species together in a tank, especially if introduced together, some kind of schooling instinct takes over and they don't attack one another.

Or maybe they just afraid to bully one in case the rest bully them back :P

Be teachable always, nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. But learn to distinguish "fact" from "opinion".

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