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  1. Thanks to a nice brother. Thread close.
  2. Hi, may i know what is the recommended flowrate for this to work, in order to kill 1) Algae 2) Parasites Thank you
  3. Price reduced A - $40 B - $38 C - $40 Buy all at $108.
  4. Selling @ $380 only due to upgrade of tank, chiller not suitable for new tank. Last serviced by aqua-nautic on 21/11/2020. Good powerhouse chiller that chills your aquarium water quickly. PM if you are keen. Can come over to view.
  5. Common market rates for magnetic rocks are around USD$50-100++ based on US/UK market. As a hobbyist myself, I have been using these rocks for many months to test out whether reef safe or will magnet rust etc. Based on my own experience with these rocks, pic as attached, corals are thriving and coraline manage to grow on it. No rust as magnet are epoxy resin coated. 2nd batch was bought by a reefer. Sharing 3rd batch, 3 pieces of magnet rocks at affordable price for reefing! A - $45 B - $40 C - $45 Buy all at $120. PM me for quick deal! De
  6. Please PM with picture in white light. Looking for Powder Black, not Powder Brown. Thank you!
  7. Buy 20, not all 20 will survive through the transport. If only 1 survive, that 1 need to cover the rest of the cost.
  8. For those who are active and long enough in this hobby, you would have probably identified some who goes into auction group, get cheaper corals and sell at "retail price" of a more exp lfs. This cycle is not new and was partly the reason why hobbyists sales and trade of corals were banned in the past. Nonetheless, buyer willing seller happy. Just dont spoil the market until another ban comes about. For people who are not convinced about the item, ask to view to avoid discrepancy. If his rock is really huge or quality is really good, then the price at this current crazy market
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