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  1. Boss. Interest in green hammer I head $20. Collect tomorrow around 1 to 2pm. Your postal code pls
  2. In this hobby there is no so call budget
  3. Where to get this in sg
  4. Hi boss can pm where to buy and the prize.thx
  5. Can PM me where u bought and how much. Thx
  6. Looking at ur pic is Better upgrading to 4x3x2 for last pain than again upgrading.
  7. 101% agree. Only change when 12 Million TOTO draw is won.
  8. All the good equipments you have. Who is your tank maker.
  9. To me I tear into small pieces and throw into the tank.
  10. tec

    WTG Strawberry

    I have two of them so far and they not dare to Attack other fish because they are the smallest in the tank
  11. Look like they are not wear goggles and glove when doing fragging.
  12. When r u going to put in the King tang
  13. Wow U have a ocean in the house
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