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  1. First round of macro giveaway both ca. prolifera and ca. serrulata to my ex colleague and fellow reefer. Hope 1-2 weeks can give out some. Meantime my Picasso clowns are laying eggs at my main tank.
  2. I stay in Punggol but sometimes will go west at CCK area to visit parents. These plants I get from fresh and marine: caulerpa racemosa (grow fast but insufficient lighting will easily cause them to turn white0 caulerpa prolifera (super fast grower) This plant I got from Henry at Marine Life: Caulerpa Serrulata (fast grower) The pail of caulerpa racemosa I had thrown away.
  3. Running 12 hours for this plant tank and my refugium I run 10 hours.
  4. Trim and throw away. Sometimes I give to another reefer for his refugium.
  5. Manage to get NO3 reading is less than 5ppm, but the high PO4 causing red slime which I rescape the tank and start running ROWA in my sump. Adding more sand and remove most if the overgrowth. Also move most of the caulerpa prolifera to my refugium.
  6. Week 8 and also the plant I got from Henry is growing well after a week... Time to trim my forest...
  7. I will update the nitrate reading once I change water this Sunday. I think no3 should be low but po4 is high. Think of running ROWA but dunno whether it will impact on my marine plants??
  8. No particular choice just some left over sand I bought from Madpetz to create a deep sand bed in sump. I find very few reefer in marine plants.
  9. 1 more week the caulerpa racemosa gonna overgrow and may trim and throw away.
  10. Haha i become lazy and from weekly change water to monthly change water. Only recently I started weekly change routine and only measure salinity of 1.024-1.026 and check my fishes health regularly. No nutrient dosage, just another 3 feet tank of 2 tangs, 2 Picasso clowns, 1 wrasse, 1 damsel and 8 chromis supplying my plant tank the nitrate. I'm using the 2 feet beamworks LED with a return pump of 1200 l/m and no wave maker. I keep only 3 fishes in this tank. The only observation is all my chaeto in sump are getting lesser and lesser as compare to before I introduce this tank. Actually is from your thread inspired me to start a marine plant tank.
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